Kit Harington takes Hollywood’s favorite shirt out for a spin


When it comes to movie premiere dress codes, it would seem that, contrary to popular belief, Jon Snow knows it all. Opt for a Percival polo shirt in autumnal hues and a pair of pressed bespoke pantsKit Harington epitomized an image of laid-back luxury as he celebrated with the cast and crew at the premiere of his latest film Baby Ruby after the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival.

Experts in cultivating said sleazy vibe, Christopher GoveBritish brand Percival has regularly infiltrated some of show business’s most enviable wardrobes, from Chris Evans‘ at The Rock’s. And now? game of thrones old students.

Designed, as always, in Percival’s Hackney studio and crafted by master knitters, Kit’s Everyday Knit is characterized by its tight, finely woven knit construction contrasted only by its silver snap button closure. Speaking of the piece, Percival Founder and Sole Designer Christopher Gove said, “We bring these knits back every year in fresh colors and the caramel looks great on Kit. They are so versatile in how you can wear them, being able to be worn buttoned up or comfortably layered over a vest or T-shirt.”

Percival Everyday Knitted Polo Shirt

When it comes to style, Harington kept things classic and layered, sealing the noble Parisian feel of her look with her signature scruff and tousled locks. Apart from the impeccable grooming, it was by reaching the pair of navy linen pants and down white sneakers that he has created an elegant set that can be easily imitated. The pants we’ve chosen below from Raey and Reiss are particularly effective dupes thanks to their similar pleated and lightweight construction, while the Original Achilles trainers from Common Project and the white Forever trainers from Everlane gladly replace the pair of Kit .

Raey exaggerated wool and linen-blend carrot pants

Reiss Brighton Pleated Front Trousers

Common Projects Original Achilles Leather Trainers

Everlane The eternal espadrille

But what’s so special about Percival’s relaxing offerings?, we hear you ask? Despite the brand’s relatively short lifespan, Percival has since become cult with its colorful collections and rich knit constructions, proving as popular across the Atlantic as it is on British soil. In fact, the label has become almost synonymous with chic and laid-back everyday cool imagery – something that seems to strike a chord with even the most discerning members of the MCU… Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan and Andrew Garfield are all fans, FYI .

With that in mind, readers shouldn’t be shocked if Percival’s Everyday Knit pops up in other celebrity wardrobes, either in Kit Harington’s favorite toffee or her other, equally seasonal, forest green option.

This story was originally published on British GQ with the title “Kit Harington and Percival are a match made in caramel-colored heaven”.


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