Let’s go swimming! Yakima Lions Pool Reopens Monday


It’s time to get back into the Yakima pool. After a long closure due to a problem with a pump Lions Pool in Yakima opens on Monday August 22nd.
City of Yakima officials say the pool has been closed for almost 2 months due to a mechanical issue with the pool’s main pump. The swimming pool will open its regular opening hours from Monday.

It could have been a longer shutdown, say city officials

“We have received the pump and motor and will be back to full operation on Monday,” Parks and Recreation Manager Ken Wilkinson said. “We look forward to seeing our community here at Lions Pool again.”
City officials say the pool could have remained closed much longer, but the necessary parts arrived earlier than expected, meaning repairs could be completed more quickly. As a result, the Lions pool is reopening almost a month earlier than planned. When the pump problem arose in late June, it was estimated that the pool would reopen in the fall due to difficulty obtaining parts needed for repairs.

The pool will open the day after Franklin Pool closes

The Lions Pool will reopen the day after the city’s outdoor pool, the Franklin Pool, closed for the summer season this Sunday, August 21. But don’t miss out on the fun on Franklin Pool closing day.

Don’t miss the Sunday fun at Franklin Park

Yakima’s Franklin Pool will welcome dogs and their owners from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 21 for the 16th annual Paws in the Pool event. Yakima Parks and Recreation officials say the dog and owner event takes place every summer on the last day of operation at Franklin Pool.
Dogs swim free but owners but owners must pay the general admission fee. If you own a dog, all breeds are welcome at the event, but make sure your pets are up to date with all vaccines and vaccinations. City officials say to watch your dog because you are responsible for any mess your dog makes. Sorry, but no vicious or aggressive dogs are allowed at the event.

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