London Underground journeys that are much quicker to walk and don’t cost you £2.50


Rush hour is undoubtedly one of the most frustrating times for a traveler on the London Underground. Crowded subway cars are usually greeted by stressful commuters who arrive before you so they can get to work on time, while some lines (cough cough, the central line) won’t have air conditioning before at least 2024, traveling on the Tube during rush hour looks like survival of the fittest.

Luckily, there’s always an alternative to avoiding a sweaty Tube line filled to the brim with restless commuters – a good old-fashioned stroll through the streets of London instead. Not only do you take your steps, but you’re free from all that morning chaos that ensues on the subway.

Transport for London (TfL) has released a handy Tube map which shows exactly how many minutes it takes to walk from one Tube station to another in Zones 1 and 2. The figure shown between each Tube station on the map translates to the number of minutes it would take a Londoner to get from A to B.

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The time it takes to walk between metro stations is displayed on this map in minutes

Now we all know that walking from Covent Garden to Leicester Square and back is one of the most obvious ways to save time. Although the subway ride takes about a minute, that doesn’t include the time it takes to get in, walk to the platform, and wait for a train (if there’s enough room to squeeze into a carriage) . While walking, it takes a total of four minutes and won’t cost you the £2.50 Tube journey.

Another subway ride that takes four minutes on foot is on the Circle and District lines. Between Cannon Street and Mansion House it’s four minutes to walk there and again save £2.50 – think of the extra coffee you could buy with that.

While people queuing for up to 15 minutes to use the Central Line could instead be cut in half by simply walking from one main Central Line station to another. For example, Marble Arch at Bond Street is only a seven-minute walk away, while Bond Street at Oxford Circus takes no more than seven minutes.

TfL’s map shows the majority of its Zone 1 stations taking around four to 10 minutes on foot, while a few other routes take around 20 minutes or more. The next time you want to avoid rush hour, you might want to walk instead.

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