‘Love Is Blind’ Lauren and Cameron Hamilton talk about the night’s highlights


It all started with a social experiment consisting of pods and dramas. What are we talking about? The Netflix reality show “Love Is Blind” hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey.

If you haven’t already binged both seasons and the adjacent reunion, “Love Is Blind” is a show that helps singles find their perfect love – without ever seeing each other face to face.

Does the show lead to real relationship success? Not for everyone, but some have defied all predictions and succeeded.

Lauren and Cameron Hamilton are part of this lucky group, and they sat down for an exclusive interview with the New York Post.

Since “Love Is Blind: The Reunion” season 1 wrapped in 2020, “life has truly been such a blessing,” according to the happy couple.

“We bought a new house together last year,” Cameron explained. “We just really lived life.”

Of course, we had to wonder how the unconventional couple transformed their new living space into more than just a home and into a home.

“Turning a house into a home is a matter of love,” Lauren said. “Having your friends and family there, making memories in space is special…and making it truly yours is key.”

Cameron celebrated her 32nd birthday on July 3 and to celebrate, the couple renovated the garden to “prepare it for a backyard barbecue” and future summer evenings.

Camp Viejo

Looking forward to the big day and the celebrations ahead, the couple shared their number one party planning tip: make sure the guest list and music are up to snuff.

“It all depends on the guest list. People are partying,” Cameron told the Post. “And the playlist,” Lauren added.

The couple agreed that new house music from Beyoncé and Drake would be included in the music lineup by far and seemed to be aligned with almost every decision. But we wondered, “What happens when we disagree, whether it’s planning a party or the relationship as a whole?”

The couple joked and said they just poured a glass of Campo Viejo wine and drank, but in truth they “just [listen] to one another.

“You’re so busy trying to get your point across that it’s good to also listen to what the other person is saying instead of talking to yourself,” Lauren said.

Beyond listening to each other, the couple also strives to cultivate their differences for good.

“It’s definitely important to play to each other’s strengths,” Cameron said. “For example, if it’s planning a party, I tend to be the one who does a lot more cooking. Lauren will probably be the one making the drinks.

Lauren and Cameron Hamilton’s tips and tricks for party planning and beyond didn’t stop there. The cheerful couple also spilled their favorite party essentials exclusively with The Post below.

Lauren and Cameron Hamilton’s party essentials

1. Campo Viejo Rosé, $12

Campo Viejo rosé, $12

why they like it“This fruity rosé is the ultimate summertime treat, whether just for a night out or to greet our closest friends and family. The fresh, happy taste is the epitome of the summer feeling we crave all year round. And our guests keep asking us where they can find a bottle…”

Mark this delicious rose wine true to its Spanish roots with vineyards across Rioja. If rosé isn’t your thing, just check out the various other lively and affordable Campo Viejo wines here.

2. Campo Viejo Cava Brut Reserve, $12

Campo Viejo Cava Brut Reserve, $12

why they like it“This sparkling wine is truly our go-to pairing for all of our favorite summer recipes. Cava is increasingly popular and this bottle of Campo Viejo is made in the most authentic and traditional way – AKA, it transports us to Spain with every sip!

This option is fresh and crunchy with an elegant, well-balanced taste. The icing on the cake, this wine made according to a traditional method.

3. Estelle Hand-Blown Colored Wine Glasses, $170-$185

Estelle Hand-Blown Colored Wine Glasses, $170-$185

why they like it: “If we raise a glass in the summer, it is better to believe that it will be colored. We like to pay attention to every detail when it comes to welcoming all summer, and it is essential that our glassware matches the expressive spirit of our wine.

Featuring an array of gorgeous roses, this Estelle wine glass set will leave you spellbound. Enjoy two different glass shapes.

4. Luminarc Arty French Glass Dinnerware, $100

Luminarc Arty French Glass Dinnerware, $100

why they like it“Not only do we sip the rainbow, but we eat it throughout the season. Summer means an abundance of ingredients and colors, and it’s important that every aspect of our table reflects this too.

Match your dishes to your glasses with these colorful finds. Instantly enhance your tablescape with beautiful hues and color combinations.

5. Threshold Water Hyacinth Placemat, $6

Threshold Water Hyacinth Placemat, $6

why they like it“Style and function are essential when it comes to accommodation. These woven placemats bring a natural texture and look while keeping things clean, which is essential for us to keep the party mood stress-free.

Protect your table from spills with this round, natural placemat. The texture is divine while the shape adds dimension to any setup.

6. Chelsea Victoria Rose Gold Marble Wine Cooler, $69

Chelsea Victoria Rose Gold Marble Wine Cooler, $69

why they like it“You can’t rosé all day without a wine cooler to keep things cool. Our favorite marble accessory complements the colorful bottles of Campo Viejo and makes them a staple in our bright and plentiful summer offering.

Keep your wine chilled and your setup cool with this marble wine cooler. It is also great for using in your daily life as a decoration.

7. Anthropologie Sunset Vase, $28

Anthropologie Sunset Vase, $28

why they like it: “A tablescape is never complete without fresh flowers. If you can’t tell, we love a rosy theme, and this vibrant sunset vase is the perfect way to bring the golden hour to your table anytime.

Simple yet elegant, this glass vase is enchanting, soft and modern at the same time. For only $28, it’s a steal.

8. Atelier Saucier Chroma Mix and Match Towels, $125-$220

8. Atelier Saucier Chroma Mix and Match Towels, $125-$220

why they like it“We love the look of these mix and match towels to brighten things up, but more importantly, they’re made with recycled fabrics. We love summer, so we’re doing everything we can for the environment to may our seasons remain as we love (and celebrate) them.

Not only are these towels so cute, but like the ones Hamilton shared, they’re made from unsold fabric left over from the fashion industry. We love reuse!

9. Peak Extra Large Ice Cube Tray, $14-$16

Peak Extra Large Ice Cube Tray, $14-$16

why they like it“It’s no secret that it’s hot in Atlanta, so ice cubes are a must for water, wine, everything. These extra large cubes keep our Campo Viejo Rosé and Cava fresh and smooth, just the way we like them!

Fill the tray with water and enjoy fresh ice cream in no time. The silicone body also makes it easy to transition your ice cream from tray to cup, while the lid prevents freezer odors.

10. Marshall Portable Speaker, $150-$170

Marshall portable speaker, $150 to $170

why they like it: “It wouldn’t be a summer evening without our favorite speaker, especially as we count the moments from Beyoncé’s latest album…”

Enjoy premium sound, over 20 hours of battery life, sleek design and multi-directional control with this Marshall Bluetooth speaker.

11. Boy Smells Petal Candle, $35-$36

Boy Smells Petal Candle, $35-$36

why they like it: “This floral candle is a must when the sun goes down. The ambience and scent are second to none. If you close your eyes, you won’t be able to help but transport yourself to a summer evening surrounded by nature with a chilled glass of rosé. This is our happy place!”

Made from a blend of coconut and beeswax, you’ll enjoy the sweet scent of tree blossoms, rose, sage and patchouli when you opt for this Boy Smells candle.

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