Meet Ethel the rescue cat who sings when she eats


A Cottingham rescue cat could soon become an internet sensation with her unique talent.

Ethel, named by the Cottingham Cat Rescue team who came to her aid when she was found on May 1, shared a video of her purring and what sounds like singing when she eats.

Ethel needed urgent medical attention when she was discovered in the Hayton and Midway Grove area. The rescue team put out an appeal asking her Facebook followers if anyone recognized her as she was rescued in need of medical attention and taken to emergency vets.

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Ethel was to be quarantined the next day as vets suspected she had cat flu. The frail cat also needed eye drops. In an “update from Ethel” on May 3, the charity posted on her Facebook: “I don’t know how often you would like her updates, but she is doing great.

“She’s the most loving girl and her eyes are getting better every day. Now, for the bit, I have her emergency vet bill to pay and her blood test! But she’s worth it, even though she’s super old – every cat deserves a chance.”

Ethel at Cottingham Cat Rescue

Only a day later, a video of Ethel, who was much better, was uploaded to Facebook. Ethel lapped up her food and stopped between bites to purr as she ate.

Social media users were delighted to see Ethel looking much better. One user said, “She looks and seems so much happier. Cheers y’all.”

A second added: “Glad she’s on the mend, poor little kitty.” And a third said: “She melts all our hearts.”

Cottinngham Cat Rescue is a non-profit charity that aims to help stray or abandoned cats, like Ethel, find new homes. With every cat that comes through their doors, they ensure that all cats they welcome will be neutered or sprayed, vaccinated, checked and vaccinated.

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