Meet Roman Taranov, Founder of Ruby Labs, a Leading Consumer Technology Company


Ruby Labs offers consumer subscription products in the self-help and wellness marketplace.

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With the rise of technology, people are now introduced to more ways to achieve their goals. Digital consumer products, to be precise, have the power to impact and change people’s lives for the better. Regardless of the aspect of life, interest, or purpose, most likely there are platforms that can provide you with what you want and need.

One of the leading tech companies behind it is Ruby Labs (RL). It operates consumer subscription products in the self-help and wellness marketplace. It currently has more than 100 employees, including more than 20 nationalities.

The first consumer product that brought RL to where it is now is Hint. Its mission is to help people understand each other better through astrology. Hint allowed the company to evolve and re-release a new product, which also became a success.

Following Hint’s success, RL launched Able, which provides knowledge and tools on how to reach her weight goal and lead a healthy lifestyle. More precisely, it allows its users to count and budget their calorie intake, to track their engagement in the activity and even gives them access to individual health coaching. These were started by self-taught entrepreneur Roman Taranov. From an early age, he already had the drive to achieve success in life, and he wanted to achieve it through a career in technology. Additionally, he was fascinated by the industry’s potential to cross all borders and its ability to connect people around the world. This is also why he decided to pursue a career in technology and left law school.


Although Roman values ​​education, he believed that pursuing college wouldn’t give him the freedom to pursue what he is truly passionate about. He was 18 when he left school to travel the world while working in the tech industry. Roman started out with mobile ads and a website brokerage agency with a team of five. This gave him the experience to start stepping up his game.

It was then that he founded the global mobile payment service provider RGK Mobile at the age of 20. He eventually closed the business in 2018 and invested in what is now Ruby Labs. This time he was better at development, marketing and team building, and he was able to make the business profitable very quickly.

RL has enabled Roman to bring his passion and ideas to life and make an impact in the lives of many people. It plans to launch another app in the future, although details on this have yet to be made public. However, many know that this will be another innovation that will allow people to make personal care their way of life.

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