Meet Ruby, the Doberman Pinscher mom who ‘adopted’ an abandoned newborn kitten and lovingly loves it


mom doberman dog snuggles up with her litter along with a stray newborn kitten and takes care of it as if it were her own

Courtesy of Brittany Callan

A mother’s love knows no bounds, and this Doberman Pinscher mom proves that this applies whatever the species. Just a week after giving birth to a litter of six puppies last month, Ruby accepted and breastfed an abandoned girl. newborn kitten as if it were his own. It is a story as touching as it is adorable.

Brittany Callan, the parent of Ruby’s dog, raises Dobermans with her family at her rural farm in Geneseo, NY.They have 14 Dobermans in total, six of them being the new litter of Ruby, born August 18. But their little group was about to get a little bigger.

One day in late August, Callan was helping clean his aunt’s gutters when she heard a tense meow coming from behind the garage. “Of course, being an animal lover, I had to go check it out,” Callan told Daily Paws. Down and behold, there was a helpless kitten.

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Callan and her cousin, Nicole Gibbs, watched to see if the kitten’s mother could come back for her, but later took the kitten inside when they heard coyotes. Gibbs decided to name the kitten Ramblin ‘Rose after his recently deceased father Favorite song.

Ramblin ‘Rose was incredibly small and still had part of a dried umbilical cord attached to her, which led Callan to conclude that she was only a few days old at most. Newborns need milk to survive, and next door Ruby was always nursing her own weeklong puppies who didn’t even have opened his eyes again. Callan decided to present both.

After an easy introduction, Callan opened the kitten’s small mouth and placed it on Ruby’s smaller nipple. “She lashed out at it directly and didn’t seem to care at all,” Callan says. In fact, the dog became very attached to his “adopted” baby.

Their relationship has grown to an incredibly adorable level. Callan says Ruby carries Ramblin ‘Rose in the house in her mouth. The puppies are bigger and more rowdy than the shy kitten, so Ruby often pulls her out of the pen and lays down with her on the couch.

“[Ruby] grew up with small animals [and learned] be nice and just lick them and be friendly with everything, ”Callan says. “He’s just an extremely, extremely compassionate dog.

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Ruby has been used to other animals for a long time since Callan brought her home when she was 8 weeks old. Ruby even shared the front seat with a bunny on car rides and cuddled baby ducks in the yard.

Despite their difference in energy, Ramblin ‘Rose and her new puppy siblings also get along very well. Callan says they huddle together at night, sleeping soundly like a small family.

The puppies are all reserved and will move to new homes after 10 weeks of age. Meanwhile, Gibbs, Callan’s cousin who helped save Ramblin ‘Rose, will bring the kitten home after the kitten is gone. by nursing.

Gibbs lives near Callan, so Ramblin ‘Rose will have plenty of chances to visit his beloved mum.

“I can take Ruby to see her at any time,” Callan said.


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