Middle class hacks that will save you money in 2022


A smart hot water tap from Quooker will provide instant boiling water, as well as regular hot and cold, in your kitchen, which means the kettle – one of the most expensive kitchen gadgets, which costs 2.5p every time you use it – is obsolete. Yes, the expense will be considerable – Quooker taps start at £1,150 for the smallest three-litre tank – but they’re said to use up to 50% less energy than kettles and reduce water waste . Alternatively, boil the water for your cup of tea on the gas hob, not in the kettle: just be sure to use the exact amount of water you need and switch off the hob as soon as she boiled. According to Which?, it’s a bit cheaper.

12. Plant a potted houseplant

They are natural dehumidifiers because they absorb and release moisture, regulating humidity levels and creating fresh air, so you’ll have a healthier home and be less likely to have to open windows and let the cold air out or use an electric dehumidifier to prevent dampness. For bonus points, propagate your plants and marvel as they multiply.

13. Hold those dishes

Never run the dishwasher until it’s full – it costs between 2.5 and 3.7 pence for 10 minutes of running, depending on the Center for Sustainable Energy.

14. Try to use one piece at a time

Get the whole family together in the same room in the evening, so you only have to heat one room. It can go one of two ways: either you build closer relationships with loved ones when you bond over the estate, or it goes so terribly wrong that you end up having to move into a rental and blow the budget.

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