National Pet Day, what’s most popular in the Pacific Northwest?


Bow Wow, Meow, Croak, Caw, Hiss, Chirp, and Grugle! Phew! Does it cover everything?

Hello from all of our pets on April 11, National Pet Day! The Ettl house has two fish, adopted sister cats and two rescue dogs.

What about the second level of pets

We’ve had birds in the past and also had a few guinea pigs until they chewed on the buttons on my TV remote and then they had to leave! (I also disagree with reptiles or amphibians as pets)

But for this special day, let’s take the dogs and cats off the table. (Actually, I would like my cats to stay off the table…and the counter…and off the plants and the aquarium and…)

What I mean by that is that we know Yakima is a dog-loving town. I have had the privilege of appearing on a number of Humane Society TV fundraisers and have posted dozens of posts about dogs and cats over the years.

Is your pet trending on Google

What caught my eye on this National Pet Day was the popularity of using Google Trends to determine what pets — in addition to cats and dogs — people in all 50 states are looking for. The assumption is that this would be the second tier of most of the nation’s favorite pets.

USA Today reports that bearded dragons dominated searches in the South, while guinea pigs were popular coast to coast. And New Mexico stood out as the only state where hamsters were the most sought-after pet in the past year.

And the northwest animal research shows

So what does Google Mothership show as our pet’s “Plan B” in the Pacific Northwest?


Oregon – Chinchilla

Washington – guinea pig

. The folks at the National Calendar (which feature many of these special days) offer some tips for improving pet attendance.

Tips for National Pet Day

    • Review your “forever” family member’s toys. Throw away any items that are no longer safe.
    • Maintain your pet-friendly home. Keep cords and toxins away from your furry friends. This includes phone chargers.
    • Check when vaccinations are due and schedule an appointment to update if they are due.
    • Check collars to make sure tags are secure and numbers are up to date.
    • Bring pet supplies to shelters.
    • Help a friend who is recovering from an illness with his pets.
    • Adopt a pet.

Thinking of swapping out Spot or Puff for a G-Pig? Here’s what you need to know!

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