NBA 2K22 Reveals Limited Edition 4-Pack, MyTeam Week 3 Agenda, and Locker Code


A new week in NBA 2K22 brings a new set of objectives for MyTeam Season 6: Zero Gravity, as well as a surplus of new collectible units to obtain. With the NBA playoffs underway, there’s no better time than now to jump into NBA 2K22 and start collecting tons of rewards to help build a competitive team.

Tying MyTeam’s new season to the NBA Playoffs brings new Dark Matter units, the game’s highest card, and locker codes for free rewards every week. In the same way NBA 2K22 By introducing the Daily Log-In Challenge, the player base has more content than ever and plenty of challenges to keep them busy.

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The Limited Edition 4 pack is live now, introducing six new Dark Matter units to collect. Following the announcement of Dark Matter Chris Bosh hitting NBA 2K22, 2K Sports has announced the arrival of 99 Dark Matter units Alonzo Mourning, Glenn Robinson, Carmelo Anthony, Damian Lillard and Jimmy Butler. The pack is available for purchase for one week only, and players purchasing the box of 20 packs will be guaranteed one from Anthony, Lillard, Butler, or Bosh, but the resulting unit cannot be auctioned. . Each card can provide a major boost to a player’s roster, whether it’s helping collect points on the three-point line or initiating late-game defensive plays.

Week 3 of MyTeam Limited introduces a new Dark Matter challenge and unit that fans can vote on who that player will be. To participate in the challenge, players can only use players from the Northwest Division, and up to one pink diamond, one diamond, and one amethyst can be used. The remaining players must be Ruby level or lower, but NBA 2K22 has strong Ruby players who can help with this challenge and improve their chances of successfully completing this task. Additionally, no Free Agent or Heat Check cards can be played, which is one of the set standards for this type of challenge.

The reward for completion is a Galaxy Opal Kevin Durant of 97 total, two boost packs, and tokens. NBA 2K22 also introduces a new locker code, which players can enjoy for a week. Entering the code LIMITED-EDITION-4-HG6LP will grant players a Limited Edition 4-Pack, a Diamond Shoe Pack, or five Tokens. With the current popularity of the Limited Edition 4 Pack and six new Dark Matter players hitting the market, it might be a good idea for players to take a chance on the pack and hope for the best. Units are currently selling for as little as 100,000 tokens, and they are sure to increase over the course of the week.

NBA 2K22 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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