News from Kate Middleton: How the Duchess of Cambridge still looks great at 40


Kate Middleton is known to be the best-dressed royal in the world. A true Duchess in style, she is impeccably dressed, whether meeting with local British charities or wearing a tiara borrowed from Her Majesty for a State dinner. What is his secret?

A celebrity stylist and TV host discussed Kate’s timeless style with

British designer Karen Williams is recognizable thanks to her appearances on This Morning and her shows on Netflix and Channel 5 make-under 100% Hotter and Celebrity 100% Hotter.

She turned to dressing big stars, including Beyonce.

Karen said: “Because Kate always stays in the classic modern realms, she never looks dated or too edgy – this look is really enduring no matter what age you are.”

The stylist continued, “Kate applies similar styling tricks to me. She keeps it simple and doesn’t over complicate it. Less is more for Kate.”

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According to the stylist, what are the brands that Kate likes the most?

“Needle and Thread, The Vampire’s Wife and Self Portrait are all some of Kate’s favorite designers,” Karen said.

“All share the same sleek, feminine, modern feel that suits her body type.”

These three brands are British and were founded in the UK.

The Vampire’s Wife was founded by singer Nick Cave’s wife. Self-portrait of Central Saint Martins graduate Han Chong, and Hannah Coffin’s Needle and Thread.

All have become red carpet staples and have all been worn by several members of the British Royal Family, including Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

Kate, who briefly worked in fashion buying after graduating from college, was described by Karen as “a natural fashionista”.

Karen said: “Kate’s style has always been pretty consistent over the years.

She knows what she likes and what suits her and always strikes a brilliant balance between classic, modern and on-trend looks – I don’t think that will change.”

Kate Middleton’s must-have essentials

A turtleneck sweater

Kate has turtleneck numbers from a number of brands in different shades. She has the Hobbs Lara Merina Wool Collar Sweater in navy and “Granita Pink” for a pop of color.

In love with the high street, Kate also wore a John Lewis pure cashmere turtleneck in a light blue.

A coat dress

The coat dress is a Kate favorite for a formal occasion such as Trooping the Colour.

Her favorites seem to come from British brands Alexander McQueen and Catherine Walker.

A wrap dress

A wrap dress is the epitome of elegant, feminine style. Kate has been wearing this style of dress since she wore her signature blue engagement dress from Issa London.


Kate’s must-have summer shoe is a chic wedge espadrille. His favorite brand is Casteñer.

A Barbour jacket

Name a British aristo without at least one Barbour jacket in his wardrobe. Whether she’s accompanying William on a set or tending to community gardens with the neighborhood kids, this jacket is a versatile and practical wardrobe staple.


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