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Everything that shines

Yoshi Fujiwara of L’Dream Jewelery in Macrossan Street agrees that it’s the more upscale cruises that see passengers entering his shop. “Some cruises come from overseas and stop in Port Douglas and these passengers are looking for gifts for their loved ones so they buy some quality earrings or a necklace, so for us that’s wonderful,” said he declared.

Across the road to Everything and Jenny McDowall is horny. The gift shop is often where ship passengers head first and Jenny is ready for the influx. “The biggest sellers are children’s t-shirts, because it’s often the older ones who sail, so they buy for the grandchildren. The other big seller is men’s t-shirts, but it’s really fantastic for the whole city, the restaurants, the pubs, everyone”.

At the marina and tourism guru John Morris, owner of Choo Choos Bistro, says the marina comes alive when the cruise ships arrive. “There is no doubt that we will be the beneficiaries of the cruise industry’s destinations at this time, as many people are hesitant to cruise overseas, but on the other hand they see Australia as a safe alternative. , so we have a bright future this year and into 2023,” he said.

Although cruise passengers don’t have much time in Port Douglas, short sightseeing excursions like the Lady Douglas will be high on the list. Kate Agrums of Lady Douglas River Cruises is another excited about the return of cruise ships. “Our boat is perfect for passengers to take a look around the waterways of Port Douglas and experience a bit of local hospitality and they might even spot a crocodile on our journey to Dickson Inlet”, she said.

Coral Princess first in port

We will see the first ship, the Coral Princess, arrive in Port Douglas on June 30 for a 7-night cruise from Brisbane. It is full with 1974 passengers registered to sail. According to health website ScienceDirect, no other sector has been hit as widely as the cruise industry, with a return to robust pre-COVID-19 growth unlikely for many years. Good to know that Port Douglas will be a small part of this recovery, for them and for us


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