No more Leaks of Shiny Diamonds and Shiny Pokemon Pearls; Gen 4 National Dex, Arceus and more


More information has been revealed for Shiny Diamond Pokémon and Shiny pearl, after the games leaked before the official release.

Editor’s Note: While our previous reports did not include any story element, some of this information reveals new features that may be taken as a surprise by gamers, and therefore spoilers.

As previously stated, at least one person (who has since deleted the content they’ve downloaded) gets the game before the official launch. Leaks so far have included the Return of Friendship giving bonuses during battle, with Gym Leaders giving away multiple versions of their one-time TMs, and apparently no Battle Frontier like in Pokémon Platinum, only the Battle Tower.

There’s also no Distortion World (one piece is inspired by it), the game featuring a Dex Nation of some form, a post-game area called Ramanas Park, Gym revenges. Leader and even the ability to acquire Mew and Jirachi depending on the save. data Sword and Shield Where Let’s go pikachu Where Let’s go Eevee respectively.

While there have been reviews of the game’s combat music seemingly identical to the original, it was speculated that it would be updated via a Day 1 patch. This would be further supported by the game. having graphical bugs, music from all over the world being redesigned and Ramanas Park being inaccessible.

Since then, Pokemon Centro (a Twitter account dedicated to Pokemon data collection and information leaks) has gathered further findings. First, the Battle Tower will not support Multiple battles (where players could invite an NPC or other player to participate in double battles against the facility).

In addition, most of the movements deleted in Sword and Shield are still absent; for a total of 314 moves deleted. the Cut the movements include Return, Pursuit, and Order of Healing – the latest of Vespiquen’s signature moves, introduced in the original diamond and pearl. On the flip side, Hidden Power is one of the comeback moves.

The World Trading System (GTS) from the original diamond and Pearl, where players could drop off and list the Pokémon they wanted to trade and trade automatically once a mate was found. The GTS function has been integrated into Pokémon House.

As such, Brilliant diamond and Shiny pearl‘s GTS is now the World Station of Wonders for the trades of wonder; trade random Pokémon without saying what you will get. Home Pokémon will be compatible with Brilliant diamond and Shiny pearl in 2022.

The National Dex apparently contains the first 493 Pokémon [1, 2, 3]- that is, all Pokémon from generation 4 and earlier. This means that no Pokémon from Black, White, X, Y, Sun, Moon, Sword Where Shield. However, that may mean that many of them could be available through the Grand Underground, and Gym Leaders will have more variety when they are rematched. In addition, the Vs. Researcher for the return of regular coaches.

Shiny Diamond Pokémon and Shiny pearl do not have either Mega Evolutions, Alolan or Galarian Forms of Pokémon. While Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire incorporate the new Mega Evolutions of the time, it does not appear that the diamond and pearl the remakes will incorporate Dynamaxing.

Even so, Pokemon’s abilities on the outside Shiny Diamond Pokémon and Shiny pearlthe Pokédex appear; such as those of Calyrex. Some have claimed before Pokemon the games featured Pokemon data within them with no models however.

Several Mythical Pokémon events from the original diamond and pearl back, including Darkrai and Shaymin, including the alternate form of the latter found in Pokémon Platinum. Arceus is also in the game, but his the event is not.

Currently, prior to any day 1 patch, the game has no way to meet Arceus; but has a sprite for Azure flute and relevant music. This is the Azure Flute object, the text and the battle are not programmed in. Players may be able to access this event with save data from Pokémon Legends Arceus, or a future actual event.

It also looks like players can get Legendary Pokémon from previous generations through Ramanas Park. Players can find slates in the Grand Souterrain (smaller store Mysterious shards for them).

They all clearly refer to the legendary Pokémon; like the Oceanic Slate for Kyogre, the Kanto Slate for legendary birds, etc. Once a slate is placed on the park’s pedestal, players are taken to a new place to meet these Pokémon.

In addition, the Legendary Pokémon of the game have a chance to be brilliant (except the gifted Mew and Jirachi). This can be compared to Sword and ShieldThe DLC for The Crown Tundra Expansion Pass, which offered the possibility to Dynamax Adventures. Starter Pokémon also have a chance to be Shiny, but they can be bred (unlike Legendaries) to produce Shiny Pokémon.

Finally, there is a new element is the DS sounds Object. Just like the GB Sounds element of Gold Heart and Soul money, it looks like the player can change the game soundtrack to the original DS version. It looks like the game will have a new [1, 2] and soundtrack. Several new items from previous games include the Nature Mints, Ability Patch, and the Dream Beast and Park Pokeballs.

UPDATE: PC cases also use wallpaper recreated from Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. However, on the wallpaper featuring silhouettes of the commanders and boss of the galactic team; Charon is absent. He was a scientist from Team Galactic who appeared in Platinum, but on the wallpaper it is replaced by a Galactic Grunt.

This would suggest that the game does not have any plot elements of Platinum, or it may be when the player unlocked wallpaper Charon has not yet appeared. It also casts doubt on others Platinum newbie characters, like Looker.

UPDATE 2: We discovered that there would be revenge against Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champion. All feature a team of six high-level Pokémon, holding items and synergizing with their abilities and moves. If that’s true, the Champion’s Strongest Pokémon is tied with the Highest Tier Pokémon in a Trainer Battle in the series. Additionally, Gym Leaders and other major NPCs will appear in the Battle tower.

The games are 4.65 GB in size each, with the day 1 patch taking up to 8gb. Some of those unhappy with the changes and cutting features are hoping the patch will do more than just fix the graphics and music issues.

Even so, and based on the fact that Ramanas Park is not accessible, it looks like most of the time post-game content would be added, and the main features have already been implemented. The game was also made via the Unity game engine.

UPDATE: Both versions are accessible on the same ROM (and easily patched if you know how), the Unity Engine may have helped a certain subset of Pokemon Fans. Thanks to their creation in Unity, resources and code can be easily modified and modified. Basically some fans now have the tools to do 3D Pokemon ROM Hacks and Fan Games [1, 2].

Shiny Diamond Pokémon and Pokemon shiny pearl releases November 19 for Nintendo Switch.


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