On My Block: does Abuelita die in season 4?


by netflix On my block has officially come to an end and the series finale is incredibly bittersweet. In the 10th episode of the fourth and final season, we see everyone having one last hurray as they head to the prom. While they have the time of their lives dancing the night away in the high school gymnasium, they receive some incredibly sad news afterwards. As they return home, Ruby’s parents reveal that Abuelita died in her sleep.

Although the news is incredibly shocking, his death is somewhat closed. The ending of the episode includes a flash forward as the entire community holds a memorial for Abuelita. As everyone unites in the backyard with plans, Ruby gives a touching speech about her grandmother that ties the show together perfectly. “To an old broad who was never really old,” he said. “Who wanted to be celebrated and not mourned and who showed us all how to live. To Marisol. We will miss you.”

After sharing a group reunion, Ruby reveals that Abuelita left them a farewell gift: a card. While it was never specifically revealed what the card is for, it is speculated that it will lead the group to RollerWorld cash. Talk about coming full circle! If the next On my block fallout doesn’t reveal where the map leads, we’re going to need Netflix to make one final On my block special so we can find out what’s going on.


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