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Hello trainers. The Pokemon ROM fan hacking and gaming community is a vibrant and ever-growing pocket of the Pokemon fandom. Pokemon Radical Red in particular is one of the most popular ROM hacks and its popularity continues to grow. This article will explain how to perform Pokemon Radical Red download on an emulator so that players can start enjoying Pokemon Firered: Dark Souls Edition.

Pokemon Radical Red 3.0 Download

The latest version of Pokemon Radical Red has been released. Click below to download the new Rom Hack.


What is Radical Red?

Pokemon Radical Red is a difficulty hack of Pokemon Firered. The creator, Soupercell, wanted to create a version of the Kanto remake that would give players the ultimate challenge. Players can find all Pokémon from People 1-8 in the Kanto region, Gym Leaders and other trainers are much more difficult, with Clair taking Giovanni’s place as the 8th Gym Leader, and more mythical Pokémon and legendary can be found.

This is the most ideal Kanto experience made by a fan for the fans. However, it is important to note that it is still in BETA. If there are any bugs or unadded parts of the game that are in Firered, players will have to wait for Soupercell to add them. Before installation, players ensure they have VBA on their PC or Open Emu on their Mac.

Installing Radical Red

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Before players can install the RR file, they will need to go to a secure site and download a Pokemon Firered version 1.0 ROM. It’s easy to do on any site. Radical Red’s Pokecommunity page says the specific ROM should be 1636 Pokemon Firered Squirrels. Once you have that, you need to scroll down to the developer-provided patcher. Players should ensure they download the most recent patch. All they have to do is plug both the ROM and the patch file into the app and presto: Firered is now Radical Red.

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Now, if players are having trouble patching a Firered ROM, they can download the patched ROM itself. Players can visit romspure.cc and download the hack itself. All they need to do is have their emulator ready and start. ROMspure.cc is safe and gamers should have no problems with the Radical Red ROM they download from there.


That is just about everything. With this handy guide, players should now know how to download and install Pokemon Radical Red on PC and Mac. Radical Red goes above and beyond to make the unforgettable Kanto region a must-have for Pokemon Masters. This is arguably one of the best versions of a Pokemon game, even compared to the official games. Kanto fans don’t want to miss this fan-made adventure.

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