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Hello, trainers. Scarlet and Violet are closing in and with a release date now set for November 18, fans are looking for their next dose of Pokemania. Rom hacks are one of the best ways for fans to take care of new innovative adventures. This Pokemon ROM Hack Installation Guide lists links to some of the best and most popular hacking games in the community. It will also tell readers how to install them. There are new ROM hacks every day, each installed in a different way. Most require emulators, while others are their own games to install entirely. Buckle up and get ready; it’s going to be a wild ride.

List of Pokemon ROMs:

radical red

Ash gray

dark ascent

FireRed Rocket Edition


Zeta and Omicron

Realidea System

Pokemon Adventures: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Gold Chapters

scary black

Flora Sky

Pokemon Fuligin


Giratina Strikes Back

Pokemon Outlaw

light platinum

Crystal Liquid



Destiny Ruby


toxic purple

This list is constantly evolving and will change as new ROMs are discovered.


While not official Pokemon releases, fan hacks can provide a creative experience outside of the classic PCI business model. ROM hack developers will take risks the company won’t, offering higher difficulty and more mature stories. This is not to completely slander PCI, as all of the Pokemon content is great. However, supporting the official company product and fan product is the best way to celebrate being a Pokemon fan. Use this Pokemon ROM Hack install guide to get out there and complete the challenges written by the greats in the community.

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