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For newcomers, Potion Craft might seem like a quaint game about stirring pots, grinding herbs, and selling useful potions. And to be sure, this game is beautifully illustrated and fun to play – but there’s something smarter lurking beneath the surface. A puzzle, management game with a complex and unique crafting system.

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None of those funny crafting systems like “choose the right combination of elements“Here instead, your brewing is more like exploring a dungeon while your adventurer is hungry and drunk. As you progress through Potion Craft, more skills are required and all of the different systems will need to be used to succeed.


6 Skillfully use the water jet

The humble water spout has a quiet introduction, you might learn what it does – it dilutes your brew and returns your bottle marker to the starting point on the map – but you’re not told at what point it is useful.

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Beginners may think that unless you messed up and need to backtrack, you won’t need to use it, right? Not quite, in fact the best players use water as a way to improve the accuracy of their potion making and sometimes as a way to maneuver in tricky places (I’m looking at you, necromancy potion maze).

5 Brew Level Three Potions

Beginners might not even know that level three potions exist because they are devilishly difficult to create. You may know that level two is achieved by precisely maneuvering the bottle within the outline of the potion, which can be tricky. To create a level three? Yes, you have to fit the bottle perfectly into the outline, a task that often wastes abundant herbs and mushrooms.

That’s if you don’t use the spout. If you plan your path past the outline of the potion, you can pour water to precisely place your bottle inside the outline and get a level three potion. The question then is, are they worth the effort and resources spent? In fact, they are quite necessary when it comes to the endgame. Level one can get you twenty gold, level two maybe sixty, but level three? Hundreds of gold!

4 haggle endlessly

The haggling mini-game is quite minor and entirely optional and when you trade tier one potions you only earn a few extra gold coins. This may lead you to think that it is not worth it; and for level one potions, this is not the case. When you start creating tier twos and hopefully tier threes, you’ll find out just how valuable it is. In fact, with a level three potion, you’ll earn hundreds of extra gold if you know how to haggle well.

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So how to haggle? The instructions tell you to click an icon to tip the scales in your favor and avoid clicking when the pointer isn’t over anything. What is not said is that the scales are constantly tilted against you, and you have to quickly click on many icons, then click on the green icon while the client’s scale is full of treasures. On top of that, you can use talent points to upgrade the haggle bonus. Don’t worry if this familiar, potion-loving witcher gets a boon, no matter how many doubloons he spends on a sore throat remedy, you’ll only lose one point of reputation at most.

3 Avoid reputation reducers

Reputation is a small system in Potion Craft: provide the potions people want, and they’ll pay more next time. In fact, if you meet most inquiries, you won’t have any reputation issues unless you’re selling to the wrong person. A man looking to poison… well, he won’t tell you, or an assassin looking for poison… In your blind pioneer love, you can ignore the seriousness of these demands, but if you do, your reputation in will suffer greatly.

And if your reputation drops too low, you’ll get paid less and even have the option of haggling with your revoked client. But if you’ve fallen to the depths of undesirability, fear not. You can still end the game with a bad reputation, and you’ll have a chance to regain a good reputation, as long as you avoid the assassin (and sell necromancy potions).

2 Always buy minerals

Once you’ve progressed enough, you’ll start to see minerals like Cloud Crystal being sold by merchants. If you have gold, buy them! Unlike any other ingredient, minerals allow your bottle to teleport around the map, which means you can travel through new areas. Like the other ingredients, they follow basic in-game instructions; fire, frost, earth and cloud (there is also the blood ruby ​​which acts as the left diagonal).

In later chapters, minerals are needed to craft the more difficult potions, so stock up and expect to grind plenty. There’s a fun detail where you have to crush the minerals with the pestle before you grind them.

1 Make multi-type potions

High-level potions aren’t the only way to earn more money from your clientele. A customer will always pay more for the potion they need if it has an acceptable additional effect – using this well you can double the gold you earn from a sale. The question then becomes, which effects mix well? Freezing and healing are not unfortunately even the cold brewer will not have healing in their beer. But an explosion potion with extra light? Perfect.

It can be hard to find combos that work, but usually a little common sense will have you raking in some nice profits in no time.

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