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The ban on fireworks does not necessarily put a damper on the festivities of the seasons. Introduce this year’s Diwali celebrations by indulging in centuries-old Rangoli folk arta colorful artistic design depicted upon entering households on auspicious occasions as emblems of love, luck and prosperity. The art form encompasses a number of strains all over India – Kolam in South India, Mandane in Rajasthan, Chowk purana in Uttar Pradesh, Alpana in West Bengal and Aripan in Bihar.

Take traditional designs up a notch with contemporary touches on every artistic ensemble. Here are some templates with DIY tips to keep you on track!

Rangoli peacock


Peacock Rangoli is a traditional design where a peacock takes center stage, making it an eye-catching Rangoli. An empty Fevicol tube doubles as a handy tool in this particular circumstance. Fill the tube with color, attach the nozzle, and start scribing. The nozzle allows the right amount of color to flow out, giving you full control throughout the process. The key to this specific design is a steady hand and a collection of vibrant hues, so stock up on colorful colors if you are planning on carving a cute peacock this Diwali.

Circular rangoli

Poonam Borkar / YouTube

A circular Rangoli is easy on the eyes and quite easy to make. Use bracelets, hoops, and rings of varying circumferences as stencils to achieve the perfect circles needed for a delicate design. Place the circular stencil on the floor, fill in the color slowly and you will get a dazzling design effortlessly. There is a certain elegance that resides in a circle from Rangoli simplicity that gives it a captivating finish.

Shaded Rangoli

Poonam Borkar / YouTube

For an ombré Rangoli design, all you need is a few kitchen essentials! Recharge those good old salt and pepper shakers and you will end up with a beautiful gradient. The openings in the heads of the shakers help to create a nice pattern. Remember to add the gradients to the larger patterns of the Rangoli design so that the shading is highlighted. Draw a pattern using an earpiece in the patterns and your ombre rangoli is ready!

Monochrome rangoli

Mugulu Kolam / YouTube

Known as alpaca in Kolkata, monochrome Rangolis are one of the most popular designs in the city. Its classic muted look is traditional Bengal and can be found outside of every Bengali household on the occasion of Kali Puja. A quintessence alpaca the design is an intricate outline made using a paste of rice and flour. You too can get a alpaca by first drawing the design on cardboard and cutting it out, creating a stencil. The stencil helps to create an impeccable decor without hassle!

Dotted rangoli


A dotted Rangoli the design is simple and stands out. You can frame the design like a star or use your imagination to create other dotted designs. A kitchen funnel is the perfect tool for this process because it allows you to place firm stitches without letting the color spill out. You can join the dots systematically for an elegant geometric design or change the colors of the funnel for a vibrant look.

If you are looking to create your own Rangoli colors, here is an effective DIY method:

Take inspiration from these festive Rangoli designs that caught our eye. eye:


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