Razer launches Hello Kitty collection of gaming accessories


Razer recently expanded its selection with the Razer x Hello Kitty and Friends Bundle, displaying a cute and iconic collection.

hello kitty and friends

Razer, the well-known manufacturer of themed gaming gear, has expanded its vast stock by launching a new series of Hello Kitty themed play equipment. Boasting the typical good grace of soft pinks and iconic cuddly characters, this new Razer collection is for fans looking to deck out their setup for glamorous streaming or just personal enjoyment.

Razer has an impressive roster with acclaimed branding, like own-brand gaming chairs, DeathAdder mouse, BlackWidow keyboards, and more. This comes hot on the heels of the last announcement of the Zephyr Pro face mask earlier this year to add to its ever-growing collection, showing that the company still has plenty of tricks up its sleeve as it enters the new year.


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This comes after the recent release of a Boba Fett Star Wars controller and charging stand to line up with the hype of the series. With a similar attitude, Sanria’s collection of Kraken BT “Kitty Edition” headphones got a shine thanks to the Hello Kitty launching the theme today. These wireless Bluetooth headphones are already fitted with cat ears, making them perfect as Hello Kitty icon. Prominent white and pink decals with a cute trademark bow worn by the titular character will make it stand out. The standard headset is $99.99 and the Hello Kitty the set costs $119.99 as a stylish and functional accessory for “neko” and catgirl streamers.

Other gear included in the bundle includes a DeathAdder Essential mouse and a Goliathus mousepad for a total of $64.99. Razer’s sleek, dark industrial design has been reimagined to brighten up gaming rooms with a pastel color palette and delightful characters tailored to gamer setups. For a more comfortable console or PC gaming experience, the Razer Iskur X gaming chairs combine the recognizable plush seat with a soft rainbow design to match the rest of the collection.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is a cartoon character that first appeared on Japanese company Sanrio’s purses in 1975 and has since become a Japanese cultural icon. The status of Hello Kitty has gained a retro appeal that extends to people of all ages and even international fame. As a result, Hello Kitty has made appearances in games past and present, as well as a successful string of plushies, stickers, clothing, and various collectibles.

Whether gamers prefer to thrill with leisurely games or demolish enemies in bloody combat arenas, the Razer x Hello Kitty and her friends collaboration is complete and equipped for anyone looking to grab Razer’s latest collection of mascots.

the Razer X Hello Kitty is now available on the Razer website and at all official retailers.

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