Red Cup staff unveil their Masters Champions Dinner menu


We take a brief break from Ole Miss and embrace Masters Week here as one of the greatest traditions in sport.

National of Augustus The golf club and its members collectively don’t care what we think of its traditions, which is perhaps why they are so great. In fact, I believe that’s usually what makes traditions great – do what you want and don’t care what other people think.

With that, the annual tradition of the Masters Champions Dinner comes into the picture. It’s a post the Cup has made year after year, but let’s review. The previous year’s Masters champion sets the menu for all past Masters winners at a Tuesday dinner for the ages. This is an opportunity to perhaps showcase your home country with some unique dishes. Or maybe even a chance to say “hey, I’m the youngest in the room in a decade, eat a burger, fries and a milkshake” like Tiger Woods on his first Masters win.

2021 Masters champion Hideki Matsuyama released his dinner menu on Tuesday featuring plenty of Japanese-inspired cuisine. I’m not going to lie, I would absolutely crush this meal.

In another tradition, Red Cup staff are compiling their ideas for a Masters Champions Dinner in the scenario that will never happen, with one of us winning the Masters. Literally no one on this staff would break 100 in Augusta on our best day – just an absolute bunch of embarrassing hacks.

But, we love food and booze, and some of those orders would just tear the field down with digestive issues the next day.

Jay Cutler’s Ghost – A big pile of rice.

A man to beat – Start with a plate of smoked sausages and cheeses and a main course of fried catfish, turnip greens and Rotel cheese fries. The dessert is a broken McDonald’s milkshake machine which they promised to be 100% working when they delivered it.

Ruby Drayer – Prime rib with all the fixings and a triple berry pie for ‘Merica.

Hardison Gray – Everyone places a Popeyes order, then 15-20 minutes later when the box is handed to them, they find out what they are actually eating.

justin lewis – I’d be tempted to hit them with Donald Trump’s White House Champions Meal, but in the end I’m rolling with hot wings. Everyone would be treated to Honey Gold and Lemon Pepper Wings prepared by the Wing Guru with a special banana pudding appearance from Central BBQ.

All American Juco – Taco Bell Mexican pizzas.

So what would you serve all the previous Masters champions? Comment below with your food and alcohol intake.


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