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You scroll down, you scroll sideways, you scroll up, dodging any 30-hour three-season odyssey that won’t give you resolution for weeks or months and feel like you’ve unfinished homework, no matter how juicy or crafty. It is. Perhaps this decades-old TV movie beginning with Judith Light is an overlooked gem? As you struggle with this delusion, a Liam Neeson action thriller catches your eye, but it’s indistinguishable from the Liam Neeson action thriller before it and the Liam Neeson action thriller before it. this and also action thrillers Gerard Butler, Bruce Willis and Jason Statham which are advertised in the horizontal bar below the Neeson, showing you what his “customers also watched”. You are now playing an anagram game, the testosterone edition.

What about this? It’s a movie you see in the corner of the screen, with an ominous one-word title in scary letters over the image of a screaming face. But is it inventive, metaphorical horror, like “Hereditary” and “It Follows,” or torture porn? The trailer is inconclusive, but the list of “also-watched clients” is overwhelming: a movie about killer alligators, a movie about killer grizzly bears, a movie about killer colossi of unknown origin. You prefer to count killer sheep.

It reminds you of those casino buffets in Las Vegas that are the length of a football field but don’t include the one thing you really want – a piece of chicken, roasted or fried, moister than the surrounding desert – among garlic-smothered shrimp and pepper-choked steak and cheese-gagged ziti, which are not so much cooked as frozen. An infinity of calories. A lack of real satisfaction.

At least that’s been my streaming experience lately, and in describing it, I’m complicating my previous observations that this is the golden age of television (if we define television broadly), with memories as sparkling from the past decade as “Mindhunter” on Netflix, “Mare of Easttown” on HBO, “The Night Manager” on Amazon Prime and more.

But the mine is not bottomless – or rather, it contains more slag than precious metals. The growth of streaming services spurred a record 559 new scripted TV series in 2021, up from 216 in 2010, according to an article by Axios. Is it boom or bloat?

And an avid viewer can so easily feel cheated – by tales that should be told in four or six hours but are stretched to eight, and by legitimately buried films that are unearthed and wrongly touted by care-conscious streaming services. volume.

There is however an advantage.

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