Roger Smith’s Best Characters on American Dad


One of the most amusing aspects of Roger’s many personalities is how many of them have lives outside of the Smith residence. Take, for example, Frank Trueblue, an aspiring police officer who failed the academy and is now in a relationship with a mild-mannered woman named Stacy. Frank appears in the Season 12 episode “A Nice Night For a Drive”, driving Stacy and her two children to the zoo so he can retrieve a belt sander he bought on Craigslist.

As Frank and his family drive down the highway, Steve and his friends push his car. In retaliation for the prank, a furious Frank chases Steve all over Langley Falls, threatening to run him over while holding Stacy and her family hostage. Luckily, before Frank can kill Steve, Stacy calms him down by mentioning details of their relationship, including a romantic vacation they spent in Montauk.

Roger’s most unhinged character, the brash Frank is described by Roger as “essentially a cop”. According to Roger, Frank’s name and haircut are all the qualities he needs to be a police officer, besides driving a bright blue Dodge Charger. He is the definition of a loose cannon, a man who will fly into a dramatic rage when someone drops a fork at dinner, ruining the whole evening. For Frank, the slightest inconvenience is a big deal, creating hilarious moments for viewers.


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