Ruby McBeth: Another Great Fall Fair Weekend


The Hudson’s Hope Fall Fair was fun and friendly.

Last Friday, Lorne and I traveled to Hudson’s Hope to present some items at the Fall Fair. We spent the night at the Williston Lake Resort. This unique log building is about 20 km from Hudson’s Hope. Looking across the lake you see the WAC Bennett Dam. The staff were accommodating and the food was excellent. Even though I hadn’t traveled much, I felt like I had fled to another country.

The Hudson’s Hope Fall Fair the next day was fun and friendly. The delicious free breakfast was prepared by firefighters and rescuers and sponsored by the River of the Peace Metis Society. Lorne has joined in archery, which they promised will have a traditional course next year. They had a variety of activities for the kids including a barrel train, a watermelon eating contest, Kiki the eco-elf and much more.

Luncheon for retired teachers

Retired teachers mark your calendars for Wednesday, September 7. There will be a meet and greet followed by a provided brunch at 11 a.m. at the PRNTA office: 9912 101 Ave. Bring your own plate and utensils, and a donation for the scholarship fund.

Loki knows how to live

On the farm where our daughter and our family live, there is a big black dog called Loki. He was adopted because he barked. They wanted to keep the wild animals away and find out if they had any visitors coming. Loki settled down, barking happily like a madman each time we arrived. He wasn’t mean but he looked mean.

A few weeks ago, I learned more about his character. I was in our garden on the farm picking green beans. Loki was basking in the shade of the green beans, munching contentedly on the dwarf beans. It didn’t bother me at all as I had picked all the bush beans I wanted. I only plant them when the green beans take an extra week or two to mature, and I don’t want to miss the beans altogether.

I told my grandson Ezra who was nearby that I didn’t mind as long as Loki stuck to the dwarf beans. I absolutely didn’t want him to eat the white beans.

“Oh no,” Ezra said. “Loki should get up to do this and he wants to take it easy.”

Hmm. Looks like this dog could teach me a few tricks.

quote of the week

“Remember that today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.” —Dale Carnegie

Ruby McBeth lives and writes in Fort St. John.

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