Ruby McBeth: More farewells and a trip down Aiken Creek Road


Our region has lost two men who grew up in the Peace of the North. Malcolm lucas recently deceased in Selkirk, Manitoba, grew up in the Two Rivers area while Roger hadland, died in Vernon, grew up in Baldonnel. Everyone leaves their family behind in our region.

Ni ‘Pioneer WI

Cecil Lake WI (Nor ‘Pioneer) held their Annual General Meeting on Zoom on October 19. Their new leaders are Maya Wenger (chair), Jill Copes (secretary), Dawn Bellamy (vice-chair) and Gail Pugh, Sigrid Tobler and Judy Roste (directors). Nor ‘Pioneer WI sponsors the Cecil Lake Emergency Fund. It helps people who have medical needs or who are struggling in some other way. They usually organize a fundraiser for a community dinner, but with the COVID restrictions, they have to get creative. Good luck ladies – you have a great cause there.

Ranch buildings on the left of Aitken Creek Road just across the Blueberry River. Ruby mcbeth

Country by car

At the end of October Lorne and I drove up the Alaska Highway and came to Aiken Creek Road. We wanted to see where the small communities of Evergreen Acres and Hilltop Ranch are located. While many of the original settlers left for town jobs, the land map retains the names of these original communities.

We passed about six miles of woodland. After crossing the Blueberry River there was a stark contrast. The land was gently rolling with fields, ranch buildings, and cows. It reminded me of driving through the Chilcotin – a ranch separate from the world of commerce. This cultivated land continued to Beatton River Airport Road, near Buick.

News from the Seniors Club

Wendy Clayson tells me that Rob Trobak is the new treasurer of the Seniors Club. The ‘Club always meets for social times regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Learn lingo

Our term of the week is “email address”. Your email address is like a mailbox on the Internet, similar to a physical post office box. It has two parts: the first part is your username (like the mailbox number) and the second part is the domain name (like the post office address).

Word game of the week

Norwegian ships have barcodes so you can scan the navy on them.

Ruby McBeth lives and writes in Fort St. John.


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