Ruby Rose Claims She Was Almost Blinded On The Set Of Toxic “Batwoman”


Ruby Rose is finally ready to set the record straight on their sudden departure from the CW Batwoman last May, firing on a Warner Bros. executive, showrunner, and production executives.

“Enough is enough,” wrote Rose, who uses the pronouns he / she, on Instagram Tuesday, calling the former Warner Bros. president directly. Television Group Peter Roth, the showrunner Caroline Dries and leaders Berlanti Greg Berlanti Productions and Sarah Schechter in the post.

“I’ll tell the world around what really happened on that plateau … I will come to you so that what happened to me never happens to another person. And so I can finally get my life and truth. Shame on you.”

The Australian model Orange is the New Black The actress claimed that she had suffered multiple injuries during the shooting, including ribs and neck, and over a waterfall, had been cut so close to her eye she could have been blinded.

Rose has shared a video operation for two herniated discs, explaining that they had 10 days to recover before being brought back on the shelf after Roth had threatened to fire the entire team and launch them absence.

“To anyone who said I was too stiff on BatwomanImagine returning to work 10 days after that, “wrote Rose. “Or the whole team and the players would be fired, and I let everyone down because Peter Roth said it would consolidate, and I just lost millions of studios (wounding me on his plate) instead of spend half a day to rewrite me out for a few weeks to heal.

Rose said she was not the only one to have suffered serious injuries during the shooting of the series Arrowverse, saying the series had lost two stuntmen, a production assistant became paraplegic after an incident and that one member of the team suffered third degree burns all over his body. , as the horrified cast and crew watched “his skin fall off his face” before they were forced to continue working.

“Please, dear my dear fans, stop wondering if I will return to this horrible show I will not go back for a sum of money or whether a gun was pointed at my head. I DO nOT ADOPTED nO MORE “wrote Rose.” I DO nOT QUIT. they ruined Kate Kane and destroyed Batwoman, not me. I followed orders, and if I wanted to stay, I would have to sign my rights.

Rose landed the coveted role of Batman’s cousin in 2018, making Batwoman the first series scripted television and live to have a superhero lesbian as star of the series. While Rose was delighted to help write the story, calling the series “passion project”, they noted that they had to accept a pay cut for the role.

But a few days after the end of Season 1, Rose announced his departure, saying it was a “very difficult decision” to leave, thanking Roth, Dries, Berlanti and Schechter. However, there were hints of tension below the surface, with sources pretend the situation was more like a bad breakup.

In addition, Rose said in its publication Instagram as showrunner Dries had “no heart” and refused to stop filming while Covid-19 was ravaging the world because she wanted to finish the season, despite the closure of other shows on the network.

Rose said the injury has changed the life of a production assistant now paraplegic was the direct result of the refusal of issuing close the tray, saying the issue would have tried to blame the woman for being on the phone for the accident.

“She’s a childminder, they work over the phone,” Rose wrote. “I said [Dries] everyone was too distracted, constantly checking for Covid updates, checking friends. “

Rose also referred directly Roth who has announced he will leave Warner Bros. in October 2020 after 22 years at the studio, Claiming that he had hired a private detective to follow them everywhere, presumably to dig up dirt on them, but when “the report does not correspond [his] narrative “had dismissed the investigator. Rose said that Roth was “young women Steam [his] pants around [his] crotch while [he was] always carrying said pants.

The Daily Beast has reached out to Warner Bros., The CW and Berlanti Productions for comment.


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