Ruby Slider Reviews: The Household Item You’ve Been Missing


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Your house is fully furnished, decorated, all over nine meters. Everything is exactly the way you like it, but one simple thing could be fixed: those beautiful hardwood floors that keep scratching on your furniture. It’s a tale as old as time itself, but you still can’t fix it.

You want to keep those pristine floors open for people to admire, but it hurts a bit every time you hear a chair scratching against the floor. If you have children floating around the house, it is even more difficult to hear the chairs slamming, leaving gashes on the floor.

However, there is one product that can solve all of these issues: enter Ruby Sliders. These sleek sliders are meant to be hidden away, doing all the work without you even hearing a sound. By purchasing these sliders you step into a world where you don’t have to worry about your floors tarnishing.

The Gift That Keeps On: How Sliders Will Change Your Home

Normal chair sliders can be unsightly and difficult to use. Ruby sliders are great because the flexible, snug body and nano woven felt won’t tarnish over time. Instead, these sliders will snap like a glove around any base of the leg, regardless of shape or size.

Rarely do the sliders match your furniture and don’t detract from the beauty of the room. It’s even rarer for the sliders not to tarnish after years of dragging your chairs across the floor. Yet the Ruby Sliders do all of this and more.

Flexible details allow for a minimalist appearance; you won’t even know they’re there unless you really search for them. You no longer have to worry about your sliders flying around the room – they will go unnoticed by the naked eye.

However, their impact will never go unnoticed. You will be able to move someone sitting in the chair with such ease that you will think you are the Hulk. You won’t have to worry about a thing with these sliders.

Getting Ruby Sliders will change the way you think about decorating your home.

Ruby sliders

Quiet, Sleek and Superior: Why Ruby Sliders Go Beyond

The difference between a good slider and a Ruby Slider is that the Ruby Slider can adapt to the leg of your chair. This attaches the slider to the piece of furniture of your choice, and then you can forget about it. It’s all in the design.

While a basic slider looks like a coaster and can be very obvious, the Ruby slider is meant to be hidden. It does its job silently, making sure you don’t even hear the chair moving on the floor.

It is not surprising that we are absolutely obsessed with these sliders because they save us from having to buy an expensive carpet as a barrier for our floors. You won’t have to think twice before putting your wooden chair directly on the floor.

When you remove a chair from a table, you can normally hear the scraping on the floor as it moves forward. However, the Ruby Sliders provide an almost silent experience that rivals have yet to match. You’ll love the silence instead of grinding your teeth at the thought of your floors getting dirty in the process.

These sliders are exceptional for protecting areas of the kitchen like your cabinets that are marked by the floating chairs. With their revolutionary design and technology, they form a barrier between furniture and surrounding surfaces, making them an easy purchase for you.

Reviews Don’t Lie: People Love Ruby Sliders

There’s a reason Ruby sliders collect rave reviews of everyone who buys them. These sliders are super easy to use, so you won’t have to worry about them. Simply turn your chair over and slide the product onto the leg. From there the slider will attach and you are good to go.

Not only do people love Ruby sliders because they are easy to use, but they also come in bulk. This allows you to get a large quantity of it at a reduced price, so that you can cover every chair or bed frame in your home with one simple purchase. By investing in Ruby Sliders now, you are set to save thousands of dollars in floor repairs in the future.

There are thousands of ways your furniture can betray your floors if you don’t protect it. However, the Ruby Sliders cover all the bases without sacrificing. You won’t have to settle for anything less than the absolute best sliders on the market.

Fans of the product praise it for its clear design, which does not detract from the beauty of the furniture. Instead, they appreciate a product that stays out of sight while maintaining the quality of their floors and furniture. Reviews guarantee you’ll love the easy design and functionality when using Ruby Sliders in your home.

Find out what the critics are talking about with Ruby Sliders.

Simplify your life, one cursor at a time

The constant struggle to drag furniture across your hardwood floors is real, and Ruby Sliders has heard your complaints. They make it easy to push a heavy object across the floor without worrying about the furniture damaging the floors in the process. Ruby sliders glide noiselessly across any floor surface with ease.

A product like this can change the whole dynamic of your home because you no longer have to worry about whether or not you can get this dresser out of the house without drilling a hole in the floor. This will allow you to take care of other household chores instead!

Another advantage of these sliders is that they last a long time and can stay on your furniture until you remove them yourself. This way you can keep your sliders on your furniture if you move and not worry about losing them.

Many sliders can be misplaced easily or even become difficult to use because they are not physically attached to furniture. The durable design of Ruby Sliders takes away any qualms you might have with any normal slider by making it easy to use.

Make your moves: Ruby sliders make it easy

The biggest problem Ruby Sliders helps you solve is moving. Whether it’s revamping furniture or completely moving into a new home: these sliders will literally go with you. Being at one with furniture thanks to their flexible design, the sliders will make it easy to move even the heaviest pieces of furniture around the house.

If you have kids moving into their college apartment, these sliders are great for transferring furniture to and from homes. They will also stay on throughout the year, so it will be just as easy to move them around. You and your kids will thank Ruby Sliders for making the move almost effortlessly.

That large cabinet chest in your living room would destroy your floors if dragged into another room, so it stays there for now. But if you want, you can attach the Ruby Sliders to the legs and move them wherever you want without difficulty.

By relieving yourself of the burden of moving furniture around, you’ll love Ruby Sliders. However, you’ll love them even more when you realize that they also protect your surfaces from impact as you move. By purchasing a 48-pack, you can put Ruby Sliders on any furniture leg and protect your floors for years to come.

You need to relieve yourself from the stress of maintaining a home. It can be extremely time consuming and expensive, but investing in a product that will save you money in the long run is worth it.

Why wait any longer?

Protecting your floors is an age-old problem that few people have managed to solve. Ruby Sliders does exactly the job with a minimalist yet durable design that is proven to last a long time. It saves you a lot of time and money without sacrificing style or quality, protecting every surface furniture can touch.

So what are you waiting for? The answer to all your hardwood floor problems is here and waiting for you to help. Ruby Sliders is the hero you deserve, but you didn’t know you needed him.

Go grab these sliders to start making your life easier and your floors happier!

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