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MISSOULA, Mont. – In the past month, Ruby’s Café in Missoula has garnered attention after being featured on the TV show “Yellowstone.”

The cafe now sees people showing up to take pictures and walking away without buying anything.

Talking to owner Brenda Hallas and Ruby’s regulars, the consensus is that it’s all a little…humorous.

Let’s take a closer look at how this local restaurant became a star.

The Yellowstone Pathfinders first approached Hallas in 2020, asking to use Ruby’s for a scene.

She has accepted. The crew continued to rent out their restaurant for an entire day of filming, then hired a local cleanup crew to restore the cafe to pristine condition the next day.

“They were proud of their work,” Hallas said. “They cared about the building they were using. They cared that it wasn’t their property. They took very good care of it. They worked on these people.”

Then it was back to business as usual…until the episode aired in December.

Ever since then, people have been coming to live out their Yellowstone fantasies.

“It’s funny to me because people just got flabbergasted,” Hallas said. “It’s pretty cool that Ruby’s has become a star in Yellowstone. I realize it’s not as big as people’s names, but Ruby’s Café has gained a bit of star profile in this whole saga Yellowstone.”

In a café full of regulars, the new attention is quite amusing.

James Jacobson is one of those regulars. He comes about four times a week.

“It’s kind of like a match made in heaven,” Jacobson said. “I’m a coffee guy and a breakfast guy, so here I am.”

At this point, the selfie pop-ins are noticeable, but not a huge disturbance.

Jacobson explained that the biggest losers are the photo takers.

“If you don’t stop to eat, that’s only half the story,” he said.

Overall the Ruby’s community is grateful for the love and would have the cafe on Yellowstone again in a heartbeat.

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