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Happy Friday to everyone ! Lee Sanders here and what a great week it’s been for wrestling fans! Tonight sees a new AEW RAMPAGE as this weekend is also WWE SUMMERSLAM and Ric Flair’s final match! For those who aren’t able to check that last one out, I’ll be live both nights with a post-show. Check it out on YouTube and subscribe! Join our strong community of over 12,000 people and it keeps going! In the meantime, onward to AEW RAMPAGE as tonight marks the conclusion of FIGHT FOR THE FALLEN.

Commentators: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Chris Jericho and Jim Ross

Trent and Lethal start with a block as Trent gets the upper hand and attempts a rollup. Quick kick by Lethal. Another quick lock as Lethal quickly maneuvers behind Trent and tries a pin attempt back. It’s a near fall as Barretta counters with his own pin which receives a near fall as the two men are at a stalemate. Jay asks Trent to tag Cassidy because he wants a piece of him. Cassidy, arrogant and full of confidence, tells Lethal he doesn’t want him while pointing the finger at the giant Satnam Singh. Sunjay gets tagged while the man is still wearing his three-piece suit! He only takes off his tie and blazer while Cassidy takes off his sunglasses and goes to get his pockets. Cassidy lightly kicks Sunjay’s ankles as Dutt scores at Satnam. Cassidy goes for a dropkick while Satnam doesn’t move. Satnam picks up Cassidy and puts him in the corner like a bag of groceries! Satnam crashes Cassidy to the ground with a mighty chop as Chuck and Trent attempt to double team on the giant, but they’re no match for it. Big Giant Satnam eliminates them and we head into our first set of commercial breaks. We’re back as Cassidy and Lethal are constantly swapping and changing positions. Cassidy jumps on Lethal to tag Taylor. Taylor with a belly-to-belly suplex! Taylor follows up with a knee to the face as Trent enters the tag to do half and half soulfood on Lethal! Singh tries to fight them off from outside the ring as they knock him down with a double dropkick. Lethal connects with a double lethal injection as Cassidy enters a spinning ddt. Sunjay comes in now and does his own mock version of Cassidy’s ankle kicks. Cassidy breaks Sunjay’s pencil as he plants it with an Orange crush to mark the pinfall.

Winner: Orange Cassidy and his best friends (13:00)
Evaluation: **
Pleasant and energetic rhythm to open RAMPAGE. I felt there was a little too much comedy in this match between Cassidy and Sunjay. Putting that aside, overall a decent tag match as I loved seeing Lethal lock it down with Trent and Taylor. I wouldn’t mind seeing a singles match on the road. Satnam did well for what little attack he showed, but his footwork and timing are still pretty bad.

Satnam makes his post-match entrance and tackles Trent on the shoulder! He grabs Cassidy by the neck as Lethal connects to the lethal injection! Wardlow arrives on the scene as he heads to the ring and wants a piece of all three men! Sunjay steps in and backs them off as they walk out.

FTR vs Briscoes recap is featured from their epic match at Death Before Dishonor

Ruffin charges Ethan! Bad decision as Page grabs him and pushes him into the corner! A headbutt in the corner followed by a tackle to the shoulder from Ethan Page. Ruffin sent flying to another corner as he was being caught. Ruffin tries to get between Page’s legs but Page grabs him to set him up for a flying Ego’s Edge to end this one as Stokley Hathaway watches from the sidelines. Anyway can I be a Stokley Guy? Dude signing more people than DEATH ROW Records!

Winner: Ethan Page (2:09)
Evaluation: NR
Glorified Squash

Backstage, QT Marshall approaches Cole Carter and congratulates him on his victory at AEW DARK. He sees something in him as he wants him to join The Factory. He wants Carter to think about it and come back to him.

Both men shake hands as Lee rams his head into Sydal’s face! Enjoyable gameplay to start things off for Lee as he delivers a chancery on Sydal. Sydall with a knee to the jaw from Morarity, followed by a kick to the chest. Attempted pinning made by Sydal but it’s a near fall as we head into another round of commercial breaks. We’re back as Lee gets a rollup on Sydal for a near fall. Lee comes off the ropes looking for a big boot as Sydal counters with a roundhouse kick! Lee gets Sydal in a well-placed lariat that would have made Stan Hansen proud! Sydal with a kick followed by the lightning spiral for a near fall. Stokley Hathaway appears as Sydal climbs to the top turnbuckle. Lee grabs Sydal and derails him as Sydal barely fights Stokley clutching at his ankles. Lee trips Sydal over the ropes to set him up for a face planter who is about to fall. Lee follows that up with jaw ridge hand strikes followed by the Border-City stretch to get Sydal tapping!

Winner: Lee Morarity (6:11)
Evaluation: ***
Great action, well paced, and god damn it, it’s Lee who finds his swagger! Lee continues to deliver week after week. He successfully takes advantage of the opportunities offered to him. I don’t think Lee and Matt are done yet. I hope not, because I might be watching these guys for the next two weeks before ALL OUT.

Stokley hands Lee his business card again and this time Lee accepts.

Claudio Castagnoli is with Tony Schiavone and William Regal. Claudio appreciates the love and support from the fans because he thinks it’s a great honor to be a champion in front of everyone. He claims this is just the beginning as he welcomes ROH Pure Champion, Wheeler Yuta. Big ovation to the two men in the crowd. Chris Jericho grabs a mic and screams enough already! Jericho doesn’t want to hear those guys singing because he thinks Claudio deserves a kick in the ass! Wheeler tells him to shut up as he defeats Jericho boy Daniel Garcia to retain his championship. Wheeler feels so confident that he’s pretty sure he can beat Jericho too! Jericho laughs at the idea as Wheeler gets a vote of confidence from Claudio and Regal. Jericho accepts the challenge because he wants Yuta on DYNAMITE this Wednesday! Wheeler says no thank you because Jericho is so sure he can beat him, Jericho will put his title match on the line! You read correctly ! Jericho puts his title against Moxley for the AEW World Championship at Quake by the Lake, against Yuta! If Yuta beats Jericho next Wednesday, he gets the shot against Moxley. Quick sidebar, why does Quake by the Lake sound like something you’d say on your date after the movies? Hey baby, do you want QUAKE by the LAKE?

The Acclaimed presents their music video Trash Day. Worth checking out. Pretty damn funny! Check it out below.

Nice lock up as Anna grabs Ruby by the head and slams her to the canvas. She nearly knocked Ruby’s head off but she got away in time. Ruby manages to put Anna in a headache, Anna sends Ruby into the ropes. Ruby comes out of the ropes and tackles Anna. Ruby tried to reach for her No Future kick but Anna had it spotted and tried to drop an elbow. Anna misses as Ruby puts her in a rollup for a near fall. Ruby with a knee to Anna’s face, Ruby charges as Anna walks away, Ruby with a back kick to Anna from the corner. Anna kicks Ruby’s injured hand as Ruby fumbles in the corner. Anna kicks Ruby as we head into our final set of commercials. We’re back as Anna takes off Ruby’s cast. Referee Aubrey Edwards grabs him quickly and throws him into a corner. Ruby nudges Anna. She tries to lift Anna but it’s impossible because Anna plants Ruby with a kick. Ruby comes right back with a suplex as both women struggle to get up. Anna uses a Greco-Roman knuckle lock on Ruby’s injured hand as Ruby tries to headbutt Anna Jay repeatedly to break free. Ruby with a kick to the midsection, followed by a back heel trip for a near drop. Ruby searches for Destination Unknown but Anna retaliates with a spider-like backbreaker for a near fall. Anna plants the Queenslayer on Ruby as Ruby retreats. Ruby logs into Destination Unknown as Anna Jay launches. Ruby climbs the top rope and misses the senton as Anna tries to search for the Queenslayer again. Anna catches Ruby’s cast early as the referee doesn’t see Anna using it as she chokes Ruby with it via the Queenslayer to score the win.

Winner: Anna Jay (9:00)
Evaluation: ***
Anna Jay! My daughter Anna Jay is coming in as a singles competitor as she is a far cry from the performer we saw who has faced Jade Cargill a few times. Compared to a year ago, it has really improved dramatically. I wonder if Chris Jericho could participate in his training as Britt Baker explained that Jericho always gave her advice. Either way, it works because Anna is finally taking flight. The on-screen personality still needs a little work, but it’s coming. There were a few mistakes here in this match, but overall a solid effort from both girls.

End of the show


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