Saved by Ruby: Netflix’s new movie is the true story of a shelter pup turned K-9 hero


Get the tissues ready! A heartwarming new dog movie “Rescued By Ruby” is coming to Netflix this week. It is based on the true story of a shelter pup who gets a second chance at life when adopted by a state trooper in need of a search and rescue dog.

Ruby is an Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix who had been in a Rhode Island shelter since she was a puppy. She had been turned away by five families due to her high energy and behavioral issues.

Shelter volunteer and dog trainer Patricia Inman is credited with saving this pup from euthanasia several times. She saw something in Ruby that maybe no one else has seen.

“She was a total jerk. She jumped up and bit her leash. She didn’t want to sit or lay down. She never stopped moving. She was special and she needed a special person.

That’s when a state trooper, Daniel O’Neil, needed a search and rescue dog and adopted eight-month-old Ruby from the shelter in 2011. She was then on the point of training to become a K-9 police officer.

Then, in October 2017, Ruby showed that a rescue dog can do anything a purebred K-9 can. A teenager was lost for 36 hours on a hike, and while a search party failed to find the boy, Ruby did. She found the unconscious boy in a serious medical condition. In a major twist, the boy Ruby saved turned out to be the son of Inman, who saved the dog’s life on multiple occasions.

In a interviewO’Neil told the story of coming to Inman to tell him that Ruby had found his son.

“I said, ‘Pat, it was her thank you for saving her life – she saved your boy’s life.’ And we both started crying.

The film will premiere March 17 on Netflix to tell this moving story about the pup who just needed one more chance.

Ruby will be played by canine actor, Bear, who coincidentally was a rescue dog saved from being put down by the film’s dog trainers.

O’Neil now oversees a K-9 unit of 18 dogs. He knew it was a risk to take the dog from the shelter and train him to be a K-9. Most K-9 dogs are trained from birth and cost departments anywhere from $15,000 to $45,000.

“It’s like divine intervention. She was given a chance and she is doing everything she can to pay it back,” he said. “You have this dog that was abandoned, and she changed the lives of so many people.”

As a person with dyslexia and hyperactivity, O’Neil immediately felt a connection to Ruby. He hopes this movie will show people that every dog ​​deserves a second chance and hopefully encourage people to adopt a dog.

“If you show them love and compassion and give them some kind of stability, they’ll show their true colors,” he said.

O’Neil and Ruby have now been partners for 11 years. They performed several rescues and even convicted two murderers based on evidence that Ruby sniffed out.

“She represents something real and beautiful: we can achieve great things no matter where we start in life.”

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