Senda Biosciences Appoints Stuart Milstein, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and Head of Biology Platform


“Senda has recently made tremendous progress advancing its platform, generating exciting data in large animal studies and disease-relevant models that demonstrate the ability to effectively co-opt natural mechanisms to program human cells. live. This achievement offers great potential for the development of programmable therapies that can be directed to specific tissues, using nucleic acids as well as other modalities,” said Dr. Milstein. “The most transformative thing about this approach is that once you’ve demonstrated it works, the potential for new therapies is exponential. I’m really excited to join Senda and look forward to an exciting journey.”

Prior to joining Senda, Stuart served as Vice President of Platform Biology at Korro Bio, where he built and led the Platform’s High Throughput Screening and Biology functions and was part of the management team. At Korro, he helped establish their ADAR-mediated RNA editing platform, taking the company from seed funding to Series B. Previously at Alnylam, Stuart helped establish and then led the RNAi lead development group responsible for the development and lead optimization of all candidates in Alnylam’s pipeline. He has contributed to the discovery and optimization of several products, including Onpattro™, the first-ever approved RNAi therapeutic treatment, Givlarri™, the first approved siRNA GalNac conjugate, and other products approved for orphan and broad indications. He also initiated work on siRNA delivery to the central nervous system (CNS), co-led the CNS delivery platform, and made substantial contributions to Alnylam’s platform, including optimizing the design of siRNA for GalNAc conjugates.

Dr. Milstein trained as a researcher in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, where he focused on genomics and proteomics. He got his doctorate. through the Genetics Program at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Stony Brook University, studying the genetics of apoptosis.

About Senda Biosciences
Senda Biosciences, Inc. is uniquely positioned to transform human health by harnessing millions of years of evolution to program targeted, potent, and tunable drugs. Nature has provided the codes to program human cells – both internally (mRNA) and externally – from what surrounds them. The billions of non-human cells in the human ecosystem have evolved naturally occurring nanoparticles that precisely transport biomolecules into human cells, providing the missing pieces to fully unlock programmable drugs. Senda’s proprietary platform includes the first-ever atlas of nature-derived programmable systems at the molecular level and across all kingdoms of life – accessing all of the nature-provided code needed to program cells. With this platform, Senda is developing a new class of SendRNA™ drugs. The unique properties of these drugs are creating new frontiers for mRNA-based therapies and vaccines for infectious, genetic, autoimmune and metabolic diseases and oncology indications – with additional potential to transform the landscape of the medical industry as well. editing and protein-based therapy. Situated at Cambridge, MA, Senda was founded by Flagship Pioneering. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Flagship Pioneering

Flagship Pioneering designs, creates, resources and grows best-in-class bioplatform companies to transform human health and sustainability. Since its launch in 2000, the company has, through its Flagship Labs unit, applied its unique hypothesis-driven innovation process to create and foster more than 100 science-based projects, resulting in more than $140 billion in aggregate value. To date, Flagship has deployed over $2.6 billion in capital for the creation and growth of its pioneering companies alongside more than $19 billion follow-on investments from other institutions. The current flagship ecosystem comprises 42 transformative companies, including Axcella Health (Nasdaq: AXLA), Codiak BioSciences (Nasdaq: CDAK) Denali Therapeutics (Nasdaq: DNLI), Evelo Biosciences (Nasdaq: EVLO), Foghorn Therapeutics (Nasdaq: FHTX), Indigo AGKaleido Biosciences (Nasdaq: KLDO), Moderna (Nasdaq: MRNA), Omega Therapeutics (Nasdaq: OMGA), Rubius Therapeutics (Nasdaq: RUBY), Sana Biotechnology (Nasdaq: SANA), Seres Therapeutics (Nasdaq: MCRB) and Sigilon Therapeutics ( Nasdaq: SGTX).

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