Seth Meyers Reimagines a Tucker Carlson Rant as a Ruby Tuesday Restaurant Spiral Speech (Video)


Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” to various right-wing news theories on Monday’s “Late Night,” managing to poke fun – with his impressions – at two Fox News hosts, former President Donald Trump and the MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell.

But it was party host Tucker Carlson that Meyers really got into the comedy, turning his theories about potential government intrusion into Americans’ privacy into a rant about Ruby Tuesday, Applebees and Oreo cookies.

Before launching into his track, Meyers played a clip of Carlson last week, where he said there was a coincidence in the timing between when the government’s emergency powers created by COVID waned and a push “for a conflict with Russia”. And then,” Carlson continued, “based on that conflict, they assumed historic war powers. Hardly anyone stopped to wonder where this might take us. How long before our leaders do something similar to their domestic enemies here in the United States? How long before they charge you with collusion or disloyalty or some other hard-to-define crime? Declare yourself an enemy of the state and then confiscate your bank account? »

And it was Tucker’s series of questions that prompted Meyers to make his own decision – but about restaurants.

“How long before they declare you an enemy of the state?” Confiscate your bank account? And how long until they take away your 15% friends and family discount at Ruby Tuesday, even though your cousin worked there [their] all summer ? And how long before they tell you you can’t go to Ruby Tuesday anymore? Meyers asked laughing. “You can only go to Ruby Monday’s even though it’s your constitutional right to go to Ruby’s any day of the week. And how long before the waitress tells you you can’t take a shake Oreo because it’s something that only Applebee has. And how long after you politely suggested that they just put some Oreos in a blender, she said, “Can we, s’ please stop having this conversation?” And after you pass her and run towards the kitchen with the Oreos you have hidden in your pocket with the firm intention of making your own, you are beaten to the ground by a teenager Who’s way stronger than he looks. And how long before that waiter looks you in the eye and says I worked with your cousin. He was an asshole too. How long ?”

Watch Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment above.


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