Should I apply blush before foundation?


We’re always looking for new ways to improve our makeup skills, especially when it comes to creating a fresh, natural look. Luckily, TikTok has come to the rescue yet again, with a revolutionary hack that claims to do just that.

Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes says it all depends on the order in which you apply your makeup products. Instead of applying your foundation first, followed by your blush, Katie suggests doing it upside down — and the results are surprisingly effective.

In a clip shared on the app with her 95,000 subscribers, Katie tells viewers to “layer blush under foundation for a really natural look.”

“Press down loads of blush,” she says, while applying a mix of shades of Danessa Myricks Beauty Dewy Cheek & Lip Balm Palette, £22.10 here. Katie packs the color onto the apple of her cheeks and along her cheekbones. “Don’t mix too much,” she adds.

Makeup pro Katie Jane Hughes shares her hack for creating perfectly flushed cheeks

After applying the blush, Katie lightly applies her foundation over it using light brush strokes.
After applying the blush, Katie lightly applies her foundation over it using light brush strokes.

We’ll admit that at first it looks like the MUA skimped on its SPF, as the look is VERY brilliant – but like many TikTok makeup hacks, it’s all about trusting the process.

Socket Makeup Forever HD Skin Foundation, £35 here, Katie applies the formula directly to her blush with a makeup brush. She then blends the two products together using light brush strokes and almost instantly her flushed cheeks transform into a radiant glow.

“Don’t panic, just put the foundation on top and it will look super natural, fresh and luminous,” Katie says, while showing off the finished look to the camera.

The clip caught a lot of attention on TikTok, with many users praising the makeup artist for her groundbreaking hack.

Right side: Katie's blush after applying foundation
Right side: Katie’s blush after applying foundation

“Omg this is like the best advice ever,” wrote one fan.

“Love it,” says another, while a third adds, “Amazing! I also love this technique. Really looks like a beautiful natural reddened cheek.

“I would follow your makeup tips to the end of the world tbh,” another commented.

While Katie’s makeup hack has been a treat for her followers, some users aren’t so convinced, with one TikToker concerned about the application technique.

“My fear is pulling the blush all over my face. How do you avoid that,” a fan asks.

Offering some words of wisdom, Katie says it’s all about “being gentle when placing foundation over blush and not smudging, just pressing down.”

We can’t wait to try this hack for ourselves!

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