Simple doesn’t mean easy. Why Ruby On Rails offers a new… | by Azzen Abidi | Dec. 2021


When people ask me about my programming journey, I always say that it started as a form of resistance and turned into an outlet to express my ideas or have an impact by solving interesting problems.

I have never bonded with the stereotype of the classic programmer.

I was never keen on electronics or interested in how things worked. Well, unless there’s something bothering me. Only then would I have no problem getting to the end of the rabbit hole.

I’m not quick on the keyboard either. I can best use 5 fingers collectively.

I was always the guy with a book in my hand, daydreaming. One of the reasons I loved programming is the ability to expand my little bag of tricks. It fascinates me to see how these tips mutate and give birth to new ideas.

When it comes to programming, simple and easy are often confused although they are completely different.

Simple is understanding. Easy, it’s the effort, the work, the movement of the needle.

Simplicity is difficult to achieve because it requires a great mastery of the subject being dealt with.

Ruby on Rails is the only (now full stack) web framework that hasn’t really judged me because I prioritized what I wanted to build over making software design decisions.

The frame prioritizes my own happiness as a creator and gets the job done.

While I loved programming in Ruby, the frontend was my biggest nightmare. It’s simple, but not easy. Major frontend frameworks have a steep learning curve if you’re serious about building products that people love and use. I knew my brain was wired differently and I didn’t like it.

I felt stupid.

Javascript and the main frontend frameworks are too much for me.

The latest version of Rails is a big step forward. This finally answers my biggest frustration. No JavaScript is needed (almost) in 80% of common single-page application causes, thanks to Hotwire, the new default frontend framework in Rails.

And I am not the only one to be delighted!

And if you feel like juggling advanced interactions, Stimulus is always there. It never dominates your app.

The biggest achievement of the Rails community has been its ability to stay laser-focused and true to its roots. Do one thing and do it well: help people build something real.

Maybe not always the brightest thing in the room. But, real creepy!


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