Soaring Packs Bring Galaxy Opal Donovan Mitchell, New Locker Code


With Season 4 underway, NBA 2K22 Hunt 4 Glory has so far featured several different packs with Heat Check and Signature Series. On Tuesday, January 18, the latest packs introduced to the game are the Hunt 4 Glory: Soaring packs. They feature an all-new Galaxy Opal player card for Utah Jazz All-Star Donovan Mitchell. Additionally, these new packs bring cards for many of the best dunkers in the game. Here are more details and the latest active 2K22 locker codes to check out.

NBA 2K22 Hunt 4 Glory: Soaring Packs Available

MyTeam mode in the NBA 2K22 video game presents seasons every month or so with new content. This includes new packs, player cards, diaries, and tier rewards. MyTeam Season 4 is called Hunt 4 Glory and a series of packs with that name arrived on Tuesday, January 18. These packs celebrate “some of the best dunkers in the NBA” and Utah’s Donovan Mitchell leads the way.

His new Galaxy Opal card has 99 attack and 94 defense ratings. Spida gets 98 Driving Dunk, 97 Speed, 98 Vertical, 95 Stamina, 94 3-Point Shot, and 95 Steal among his map attributes. There are 50 Gold Badges and 15 Hall of Fame Badges, including Acrobat, Deadeye, Downhill, and Clamps, among others. View full attributes on

The packs also contain two different Pink Diamond cards for Billy Cunningham. One of them depicts his inclusion in the NBA’s 75th Anniversary group. Diamond Chris Andersen, Amethyst Obi Toppin and Ruby Eric Bledsoe are also new to the packs.

These packs not only contain the new cards above, but also cards from other dunkers in the league. Spida isn’t the only GO as Zion’s New Year’s Resolution card is also there. Other players include Clyde “The Glide” Drexler, Michael “Air” Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Blake Griffin and Vince Carter.

A single pack of five cards costs 7,500 virtual currencies or 10,500 MT. 10-pack boxes are 67,500 virtual currencies, while 20-pack boxes are 135,000 VC. A new locker code also gives a chance for a free pack.

New agendas and basketballs at Exchange

Six new season schedules are now available in the NBA 2K22 Hunt 4 Glory: Soaring section. These correspond to the six new player cards available in the release.

  • Bledsoe 3 pointer – Score 8 3-pointers with Soaring Bledsoe in a game. (750XP)
  • toppin dunks – Do 15 dunks with Soaring Toppin across multiple TT/TTO games. (1,000 XP)
  • Anderson Blocks – Get 15 blocks with Soaring Chris Andersen across multiple games. (1,250 XP)
  • Cunningham Point – Score 75 points with Soaring Cunningham across multiple TT/TTO matches. (1,500 XP)
  • Cunningham’s Dunks – Perform 20 dunks with NBA 75 Cunningham over multiple games. (1,500 XP)
  • Mitchell dunks – Do 25 dunks with Soaring Donovan Mitchell across multiple TT or TTO games. (2,500 XP)

In addition to the calendars above, two other items are available in MyTeam’s Exchange. This is an Ostrich basketball and a Dragon basketball for use in the game.

Last active locker codes in MyTeam

One of the latest 2K locker codes has a chance to get a free NBA 2K22 Hunt 4 Glory: Soaring bundle. Additionally, a Slasher Badge Pack or Slasher Diamond Shoe Boost Packs are available in the drop. To redeem, enter the code “HUNT-4-GLORY-SOARING-SPIDA” in honor of Donovan “Spida” Mitchell in the Community Hub. You can also grab it through the NBA 2K22 mobile app.

On Martin Luther King Day last Monday, 2K also released a locker code for the community. This one gives a chance to 25 or 50 tokens, a diamond contract or a pack of diamond consumables. To redeem, enter “MLK-DAY-THANKS-MYTEAM” in the appropriate boxes. It’s good until Monday January 24th.

As of the date of this report, there are over five weeks left in the NBA 2K22 Hunt 4 Glory season, which is plenty of time to play through the Diaries, Challenges, and Games and earn all those tier rewards. The biggest of these rewards comes at level 40 with a Galaxy Opal Yao Ming.

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