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ANSTED, W.Va. — Governor Jim Justice hosted an event this week at Hawks Nest State Park where he was joined by State Department of Tourism Secretary Chelsea Ruby to unveil the “groundbreaking 2022 vacation guide. of West Virginia, according to a press release from the governor’s office.

Instead of the traditional one-copy guide, West Virginia publishes an exclusive collection of four-part vacation guides.

West Virginia is the first state in the nation to adopt a multi-part vacation guide format.

“We are so excited about these new vacation guides,” Secretary Ruby said. “The Governor has really pushed us every year to innovate with our vacation guides. About 10 years ago, the holiday guide looked like a phone book. The state made no investment. And I’ll never forget, one of the first things the Governor said was, “We have to do better than that.

“Two years ago, we made a flipbook. Last year we did the 50th Anniversary Special Edition “Country Roads”. And this year, we’re thrilled to become the first state in the country to publish a collection of guides instead of just one.

“I love it when West Virginia leads the way for the nation,” Governor Justice said. “This is just another example of how we think big and outside the box.”

The four guides each highlight different aspects of what makes West Virginia one of the nation’s top vacation and travel destinations. Titles include Outdoor Recreation, Natural Wonders, Mountain Culture, and finally, a special guide to America’s newest national park; New River Gorge National Park and Reserve.

The Governor would continue to be intimately involved in the vacation guide process, hand-picking cover photography for each of these guides highlighting West Virginia’s seasons and sought-after activities.

According to the press release:

“The Natural Wonders guide features stunning landscapes easily displayed – from rushing waterfalls to mountain vistas, lush forests, caves and starry skies. While the outdoor recreation guide focuses on the vast amount of outdoor activities and public lands found in the Mountain State.

“The Mountain Culture coin creates a sense of place and showcases the authentic flavors, art, and heritage of the Mountain State. Rounding out the series, the collection includes a guide to the National Park and Preserve of New River Gorge, detailing the park’s history, recreational opportunities, and surrounding mountain towns.

Each of the vacation guides features QR codes that expand on the published articles and provide online access to exclusive content and travel inspiration from hundreds of tourism businesses across the state.

Also at Wednesday’s event, Justice Governor and Secretary Ruby gave travelers a preview of the all-new 2022 road map. The new map features all of West Virginia’s state parks and forests, as well as only important information for travelers, must-see stops and scenic country roads to travel through West Virginia.

“It’s also something the governor pushed us on,” Secretary Ruby said. “He wanted it to be a memento – a collector’s item – and together with our friends at the West Virginia Highways Division, we created an absolutely beautiful map.”

Governor Jim Justice and Babydog with the new state vacation guide.

Babydog received a Hawk’s Nest State Park as a gift this week during a visit.

Instead of the traditional one-copy guide, West Virginia publishes an exclusive collection of four-part vacation guides.


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