T3 Arena Tier List – All Characters Ranked


Played a bunch of T3 Arena but not sure who the best characters are? Well, never fear, because that’s exactly why we created this T3 Arena Tier List. In this guide, we are going to rank all the characters from the heights of S tier to the lowest C tier. This way you can select the heroes that are worth playing and ignore the rest.

T3 Arena is a beautiful new hero shooter on mobile. It’s very clearly inspired by Overwatch, allowing you to choose from many different heroes and fight with other players in different game modes. It’s all 3v3, and you can join solo or as a team.

Just like any mobile game these days, you need to unlock heroes before playing with them, and that’s where this tier list comes in. We don’t want you wasting time playing as as characters who are not going to cut the mustard. However, you should try them all, because everyone has their own style of play. Oh, and if you like character lists, check out our MeChat character list.

T3 Arena Tier List

Last search for new characters on June 29.

Below, we’ll rank each hero in T3 Arena from S-Rank to C-Rank.


  • to dig
  • Gloria
  • Iris
  • Victor
  • Labule


  • Christina
  • Judex
  • To mark
  • bone
  • Shell
  • Skadi


  • Hunter
  • Johnny Jet
  • Ruby
  • Sindri


Where can I get the T3 Arena download?

T3 Arena is available on iOS and Android, and we’ve included links to download it at the top of this page. Practice.

Is there a PC version of T3 Arena?

Not officially, no. Luckily, you can still play it on PC via an emulator. These allow you to create an instance of Android on your PC, on which you can play just about any mobile game.

Here are our favorites:

What about T3 Arena controller support?

T3 Arena does not currently support controllers, but we will update this guide as soon as it does. You can, however, enable gamepad support in some games while playing on an emulator. It’s unofficial, and we don’t necessarily recommend it in case it gets you banned, but it’s there.


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