Teenage girl feared her brows would be lost forever after tint went horribly wrong


A teenage girl feared her eyebrows would never grow back after a horrific allergic reaction to the tint caused most hairs to fall out and left large, weeping, ‘scabby’ sores on her face. Beauty technician Ruby Nelson had been tinting her eyebrows for years and using her usual product when she suffered an unexpected allergic reaction.

The 18-year-old woke up the next morning with an extremely itchy, swollen and red face and a ‘burning’ sensation which she said gradually got worse as the skin blistered. After a trip to the hospital and a few antibiotics, the reaction started to subside, but the scabs that formed pulled out most of the hairs, leaving the teenager worried that her eyebrows were gone.

The eyelash technician has now shared shocking photos of her swollen face and puffy eyebrows to warn fellow beauty technicians of the risk of developing an allergy and the need to re-test regularly. Ruby, from Leicester, said: “I’ve been doing my own brows and tinting them for years – it was the same shade I always use.

“I did this before I fell asleep – I took the tint off and fell asleep, then in the morning my eyes were really red and itchy. I could have realized earlier if it wasn’t right before I went to bed but obviously when I woke up it was too late because it had already soaked into my skin during the night.

Beautician Ruby Nelson

“My face was itchy, then I looked in the mirror and everything was red and swollen. It got progressively worse, then it started blistering the next day. It felt like it was burning my face it was really awful then they started scabs and hairs were coming out with the scabs so i thought i wasnt going to have eyebrows anymore they were very thin for a while and i was afraid they would do not grow back because of scar tissue.

The eyelash technician says she has been using the same dye that caused the reaction for the past three months, tinting her eyebrows every two weeks with no problems. But the last time she used the tint – on December 15 – she appeared to have developed a severe allergy to a component of the store-bought paste. In the horror reaction that followed, she was left with a swollen and itchy face for five days and sore, puffy eyebrows.

Ruby Nelson after the tint
Ruby Nelson after the tint

After being prescribed antibiotics and told to wrap her ‘oozing’ eyebrows, the teenager was horrified to see most of the hairs fall out as they crust and flake off. Ruby said: “I went to work because I thought it would be fine, but it slowly got worse – the burn was really bad. I went to emergency care the same day because of the swelling and the pain. itchy and they gave me antibiotics.

“The next day I ended up going to the hospital because it was worse and they gave me stuff to fix my face because the blisters were oozing and really painful. worse before it got better I was off work for a few days because of it and just looked crazy.

Fortunately, the beauty technician’s eyebrows healed the following week and slowly grew back over the next month. After her painful experience, Ruby says that she no longer tints her eyebrows and that she is going to get tested to see what she is allergic to, to avoid further reactions.

Beautician Ruby Nelson
Beautician Ruby Nelson

The beauty technician, who has been doing eyelash extensions for nearly two years, recently added eyebrow tinting and lamination to her services and says she is still testing her clients. To avoid the same fate she suffered, she also re-tested clients who hadn’t had the beauty treatment for over a month to make sure they didn’t develop any allergies. as she did.

Ruby said: “It put me off tinting them, I don’t touch them now. If I put makeup on and go out I’ll fill them in with a bit of eyebrow pencil but that’s it, nothing major I won’t do people’s eyelashes or eyebrows if they don’t have a skin test because legally we have to, but I will also tell people if you haven’t done it in a month, do- re-test it because you may develop an allergy.I would definitely encourage anyone undergoing beauty treatment to make sure they also have a patch test.


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