The Absolute Best Pancakes in the USA


The Pancake Pantry has operated in Nashville, Tennessee since 1961 and has always used closely held family recipes. Founder Robert Baldwin began teaching his son David the ins and outs of the business when he was 10 years old. With such an early start, David led the restaurant to the success it enjoys today. Although he sold the business in 2017, according to The Pancake Pantry’s website, David was responsible for sourcing East Tennessee’s first local flours, which gave their pancakes a healthy local flair. The new owners continue this tradition today.

In late 2021, they opened their second location, this time in downtown Nashville, a few miles from their hometown Hillsboro Village. Either is the best place in Music City to get a stack of fluffy pancakes. According to WSMV, the restaurant is known for its long lines of hungry customers who are ready to wait for their fix, but the second location will help them get in the doors faster.

Their pancake batters, fruit preserves and syrups are made from scratch every day. On the menu at The Pancake Pantry, you’ll have many choices from old-fashioned buttermilk pancakes “made from flour ground in the smokies (mountains)”, sweet potato with a cinnamon creme syrup, walnuts pecans, etc. They also have a series of rolled pancakes that feature a trio of classic buttermilk cakes with fruit fillings and toppings. They currently offer them in Georgia Peach, Cherry, Raspberry, and Strawberry flavors.


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