The AO hacks gamers had to use to buy a PlayStation 5


The demand for the PlayStation 5 still exists, and many retailers continue to work hard to give gamers the opportunity to purchase one despite ongoing supply issues.

The console was released over a year ago – on November 19, 2020 – and it’s one of Sony’s most sought-after games of all time.

Many gamers have one after the Christmas and Black Friday period, which saw retailers hold frequent online drops in order to compete during the busiest shopping times.

However, a large proportion of players in the UK still do not have one due to delivery delays, low stock or poor service from retailers.

A number of online retailers offer both editions of the PlayStation 5 (disc and digital) for purchase online and occasionally, though rarely, in stores.

Some retailers have been praised more than others for the way they’ve handled their online shipments of the console, with good reviews on sites that make shopping fair, easy, and accessible.

But some stores have come under fire for their handling of PlayStation 5 drops.

In a recent interview, an expert behind a popular social media account, created to help people buy a PS5, said he found AO to be one of the three worst retailers for selling the console.

AO’s last delivery of the PlayStation 5 came on January 5, 2022, when they made a PS5 bundle available on their to place, and before it was December 30, 2021.

Expert Talha Sonmez who runs PS5 Stock UK Twitter accountsaid, “AO implemented an ‘add to cart’ button on their PS5 bundles since launch, until recently (two months ago) when they just started showing the button to customers.

“For nearly a year, we had to find and explain techniques to bypass a non-payment button and add the console to your cart, through HTML tricks/inspect element.”

Advice came in the form of various steps to follow when AO is making a PS5 bundle available on its website.

With the PS5 Stock UK Twitter account reporting to do the following on previous drops.

PlayStation 5

  • Visit the console or PS5 bundle in stock at AO.
  • Right-click anywhere on the screen and select the “inspect” option.
  • Press CTRL+F on your keyboard
  • Search for this exact phrase (case sensitive) “addToBasket btn”
  • Edit this sentence and replace any word you see that mentions “hidden” with “visible”.
  • The Add to Cart button should now appear on the product.
  • Buy the product.

So why was it so difficult to buy one from AO?

AO said he only wanted to make the console available when he was absolutely sure he had enough stock to meet demand.

A spokesperson for AO said: “We all know how incredibly popular the PlayStation 5 console has been, coupled with limited and unpredictable stock, we have only released the product for sale on our site when we know that we can guarantee availability for our customers.”


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