The largest gem-quality ruby ​​in the world tips the scales at 101 carats


Fura Gems Inc., a leading colored gemstone mining company headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has announced its historic discovery of the largest gem-quality ruby ​​ever mined in the world. Named Estrela de Fura (Star of Fura), this breathtaking 101-carat gemstone possesses extremely rare and vivid red hue, fluorescence and clarity, making it intensely sought after. Fura unveiled the gemstone at an event hosted by DMCC at the Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE).

Estrela de Fura emphasizes Mozambique as a source of premium rubies. Recent scientific exploration revealed that Mozambican rubies are 475 million years older than those found in Burma, the miner said.

Dev Shetty, Founder and CEO of Fura Gems, said, “With over two years in production, Fura has proven its ruby ​​mine in Mozambique to be a world-class deposit. This discovery is an unprecedented event and a moment of honor for us in Fura and for Mozambique.

Dr. Daniel Nyfeler, Managing Director of Gübelin Gem Lab, said: “Fura’s Estrela ruby ​​is likely to yield an intense, saturated red color when fully and correctly faceted with adequate proportions. Compared to most rubies, including those from Burma, which tend to be quite included when reaching sizes over 5 carats, this ruby ​​is relatively free of inclusions visible to the naked eye.

Dr. A. Peretti, Owner and Managing Director of GRS GemResearch Swisslab, said: “This ruby ​​exhibits characteristics normally found only in conventional Mogok mines in Burma. It has fluorescence and a bright red color and even excels in its excellent clarity.

Fura’s Estrela Ruby will be on display in Dubai for a month by appointment only and will then go to private auction in October.

Fura Gems will allocate 2% of the sale towards the creation of the Fura Training Academy to support the community where it operates in Mozambique. The main objective is to promote access to qualified education and technical training to the local population in different fields of work such as mining, carpentry, engineering and agriculture to provide them with an income. sustainable.

The rare 101 carat bright red rough ruby ​​was mined by Fura Gems in Mozambique.


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