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Morpheus (Tom Sturridge) looking for its pocket of sand in The sand man Episode 3 takes her to Johanna Constantine (Jenna Coleman) in London, UK. And much further in Buffalo, New York – Ethel (Joely Richardson) tries to convince his son to hand over the Ruby. In the midst of it all, Dream gets a new partner in crime, Matthew the Raven, a little present from Lucienne (Vivienne Acheampong) and suffice it to say that Morpheus and Matthew’s bromance works wonderfully thanks to Patton Oswaltis the voiceover of the Raven. Plus, the sizzle and brooding energy of The Dream of the Endless becomes steamy and interesting around Mrs. Constantine. Here’s a quick look back at the best moments from the third episode.

Johanna Constantine, a fleeting story about John Constantine’s estranged relative and his flamboyant lifestyle as an exorcist in episode 3 of The Sandman has fans begging for its extended screen time and a spin-off exploring its occult adventures. The latter prompted Neil Gaimanalso the answer. Johanna can even use her exorcism abilities to help British royalty. She tricks a demon into surprisingly reciting the Latin phrases of Rituale Romanum which send him back to hell.

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Speaking of backstory, Episode 3 of The Sandman shows a typical John Constantine-esque supernatural error that leaves a loved one injured or worse, dead. The idea that a certain person enjoys summoning demons backfires as Mrs. Constantine watches a child being brutally sucked inside hell. And to no one’s surprise, the scarring memory is her recurring nightmare and the cause of Johanna’s sleepless nights, seems to be a generational curse for the Constantines – seeing their loved ones suffer its consequences. However, one could argue that Dream’s absence for over a hundred years had something of a domino effect – leading to some unfortunate “nightmare” circumstances. Perhaps it was this reasoning that convinced Johanna to help Dream (that and help her get rid of her nightmare).

Episode 3 introduces a new Sandman comic character Preludes and NocturnesMad Hettie (Claire Higgins) – the 300-year-old homeless lady with magic tricks. While the wink doesn’t seem necessary to the ongoing plot, it was a nice addition that makes fans happy.

Dream and Constantine’s dynamic reflects issues the two fail to realize on their own. Dream’s inability to accept help from his allies shines bright when he tries to fend off Matthew, especially when the crow plays his part in informing the evil side of humanity. While Johanna pushing people away to protect them only makes things worse, as was the case with her ex Rachel falling for Pouch of Sand’s addictive lust.

Meanwhile, at John Dee’s (David Thewlis) her own asylum, Ethel realizes that giving away her Amulet of Protection is the only way to protect her son from the Dream. However, in the process, she turns her son into a powerful entity capable of going against The Endless. The third episode of Sandman ends with a cliffhanger for the fourth, Dream and Matthew the Raven take a trip to hell to find the Helm. Will Dream manage to find his powerful seal? Find out in the next episode now airing on Netflix.


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