The whole story of Evil Dead finally explained


As Ash emerges from the mud puddle he was thrown into, it is clear that he is possessed by one of the horrific Kandarian demons. As the sun rises, the evil forces subside and Ash returns to a normal state before fainting for some time. Once awake, he does what any sane person would do and jumps into his car to escape. However, the bridge from the side of the mountain is destroyed and an unseen force chases Ash to the cabin, where he hides in the cellar.

Terrorizing Ash becomes a fun spectacle for both the demons and the audience. Linda’s rotting body emerges from the shallow grave he left her in, and her severed head clutches Ash’s hand with its sharp teeth. After destroying his head with a chainsaw, the poor sap’s hand turns against him – Apparently Linda’s bite came with little more than just a gaping flesh wound.

The humorous fall of his own hand causes Ash to chainsaw him off entirely. Of course, that only frees the little bugger to run away. After provoking Ash by returning the bird to him, the possessed hand escapes into the walls. Getting a little cocky, Ash angrily shoots the wall with a shotgun, which then explodes, spurting blood all over him. Afterwards, the whole house starts laughing at the hapless hero, clearly enjoying his struggle.


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