Third Level “Balnea Waters” Walkthrough


In this guide we will cover the third level of Tinykin in which we must obtain the scissors component of the silverfish.

Waters of Balnea

At the start of the level, the mayor of Balnea named Partipupa will tell you that he had the city scissors but his neighbors took the scissors for revenge. He will ask for your help in solving the silverfish problem and he will give you the town scissors. Partipupa will show you the ventilation shaft that leads to the silverfish atrium.

Before going up to the ventilation shaft, you would need the green Tinykin to reach higher grounds, so go down and collect the Tinykin. You will find the small bruises which will transmit the current to the electronics. Pick up the red, green, blue, and pink mini-kins, then go up. Most of the green tinykins will be trapped inside the wooden boxes, so blast them with red tinykins to get the green ones. Climb up to the central tower of paper rolls next to the sink. Then use the tiny greens to climb high and use the soap glider to climb onto the lamp. Then, use the tiny greens again to cross and climb the leaves, then head to the ventilation shaft.

Once you are at the top, use the tiny blue ones on the switch on the left side, then place them one by one some distance away so that the current reaches the tree wire. You would probably need 12 of them in total to run the power and the well will open. Enter the well and you will see Partipupa’s assistant talking to the silverfish about the situation. You would need to throw the party for the silverfish to return the town scissors to you. You’ll need to bring the yacht, laser, shampoo bottle, and radio, and turn on the fan on the wall.

You would need at least 17-18 blue Tinykins to power the fan, if you have that many Tinykins you can start the fan from the start, but if you don’t have that many don’t worry you can collect more. the area by blowing up boxes and finding them in different places. After collecting the bruises, you can turn on the fan by going back to the sink area. After you start the fan, go downstairs and talk to one of the party organizers and they’ll tell you the location of the yacht. You would need 25 pink Tinykin to lift the yacht. You can also find the roses in the area. Before lifting the yacht, be sure to move the box out of the way to clear the way for the tiny to bring the yacht to the party. Also, clear the spaces on the path with the red Tinykins to make a path to the tub. After collecting the fan and the yacht, you will need to collect the laser and the shampoo bottle. You can find the laser stand at the edge of the tub near the party organizers.

Tinykin: Tier 3

Go to the area where the party organizers are and use the tiny greens to climb high then jump to the washing machine and climb up the rope. Go left from there and up to the shelf and you’ll find the laser. Jump on the leaves in front and grab the key as well on one of the branches of leaves. Then go down the sheets and go through a torn gap in the curtain to reach the bathtub again. Put the laser in the holder for the party lights. Now go back and use the tiny greens to scale the smallholders on the wall. Go up then jump on the shower then on the shelf where the bottle of shampoo is placed. Use 12 pink Tinykins on the shampoo bottle and they’ll throw the bottle in the tub.

Tinykin: Tier 3

Now go down some ropes and there will be a switch near where you climbed onto the smallholders. Use the tiny blue switch on the radio to turn on the radio. After all things are done, the water will rise in the tub and the party will begin for the silverfish. The silverfish will return the scissors, then you need to shoot the tiny pink ones on the scissors and they’ll carry it to the Chrysal Workshop. Scissors will be placed on the device, then Ridmi will tell us about the new component you need for the device. Ridmi will say that this component is in the Ambrose field but he didn’t have the key to this door.

Go to the Transidor Crossing and you will need to climb the stairs and find the key. The key will be inside the safe for which you need to turn on the safe and then find the corresponding code. You will need to collect the tiny blue ones to power up the safe and find the different numbers for the codes. You can collect the tinykins by exploring the whole area and going to high spaces, then going down in front of the stairs, then starting to place the blue tinykin from the switch to the broken wire. Then use the blue minikin on the front of the socket and up to the safe cable. The safe will turn on and now you need to insert the code. If you haven’t found the code, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The safe code is “1986”.

Tinykin: Tier 3

After opening the safe, take the key, then go back down the stairs and use the key to unlock the door to the next level.


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