This is the four wins of Pitogo HS at Tagisang Robotics


Pitogo High School picked up where it left off by winning the Tagisang Robotics: Design Championship title. To build. Play as the competition returns in 2022 using a hybrid format.

After winning Top Team in 2019, Top Rookie Team and Top Team in 2013, and again as Top Team in 2014, Makati City’s Pitogo HS has once again shown they are still the team to beat in the throwback robotics competition. recently.

Pitogo scored a total of 3,000 points and recorded the shortest time to complete the final task, which is to detect, lift and deliver colored pallets to their designated spots on the playing field.

The Pitogo HS team, made up of students Allen Reilan Bustamante, Nathan Enzo Saludo, Rose Nelyn Andalajao and Gaudy Lhuan Macato, received a P120,000 scholarship and a trophy.

Their coach, Florante Ferrer, one of the competition’s veteran coaches, received a cash prize of 30,000 pesos.

Meanwhile, Caloocan National Science and Technology High School (CalNatSci) was hailed as the top runner-up with 2,800 points, while Taguig City Science High School finished second with 2,600 points.

CalNatSci students Angelo Paolo Atip, Gabriel Peter Pacoma, Danielle Faye Alba, Anjae Maria Bejerano won a trophy and a scholarship of 80,000 P.

Taguig City Science High School students Jaisa Julene Mataac, Julyenne Alexander Borais, Steven Andrei Fontiveros and Anastacia Freyja Cabugon received 40,000 pesos and a trophy.

The coaches of the first runner-up and the second runner-up received a cash prize of 20,000 and 10,000 pesos respectively.

National Science High School Rizal, meanwhile, won the title of most valuable team after achieving the highest combined scores in the qualifying matches held in series before the final game.

As the matches progressed, the Top 8 finalists were selected and allowed to participate in the Hybrid Championship match.

The Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) has been organizing the Tagisang Robotics since 2011 to arouse the interest of high school students in robotics so that they discover their potentials in the fields of engineering and information technology. .

“The potential is something that is always there, especially when talking about the Filipino youth. The only challenge is how we can refine it and harness it, and ensure that effective programs are implemented to make it happen,” said Dr. Ruby R. Cristobal, Chief Research and promoting the education of the science and technology workforce of DOST-SEI. Division.

With the new format of the Tagisang Robotics competition, participating teams were allowed to remotely upload their previously tested codes, operate the robot on-site autonomously, and fulfill the task of efficiently delivering the colored palettes to the designated positions on the playground as soon as possible. time.

This new game format heralds an innovative way to deliver technology-based competitions amid the restrictions in place due to the pandemic.

Likewise, it offers a creative solution to the future challenges of organizing highly engaging competitions despite the presence of distant participants.

Picture credits: DOST-SEI


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