TikTok has a wild new hack to make jeans look tight again


Hi friends ! TikTok is back with another absurd hack that will undoubtedly change our lives. This one here shows us how to make our ill-fitting jeans expand to fit our bodies. Something we all desperately need at some point in our lives.

The trick? All you have to do is jump in the shower with the jeans still on and let the water wash over you. TikTok hacks do NOT care if you look like a jerk. But hey, at least you’ll be a clean jerk.

Brave TikToker Aaryn MJ (@aaryn.mj) decided to try the hack by putting on a pair of denim jeans that were just one little too tight and hosing them down in the shower.

I would have tried this hack for myself but I wrote to do and sitting here with wet jeans on all day doesn’t sound appealing.


Reply to @just.desy.1 I’ll check when they’re dry 😆🙌

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According to the TikTok series, Aaryn used hot water in the shower for this hack. Apparently, if your jeans are too tight/too small, the hot water helps them expand on your body while you’re wearing them.

The only problem is that you have to keep wearing them while they dry. No question of removing them. Just you and your soggy pants for the rest of the day.


Reply to @shannon_forbes I have a pretty open schedule 😆👏🏻 ps. it’s so uncomfortable hahah

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During the drying phase, Aaryn also put zippers in the front of his jeans to help them expand a bit.

“You may be all about something, but you may also be trying to embarrass me,” she said in the video.

Hey, I’m just glad someone is trying this for the rest of us. Could NOT be me.


Reply to @nailsonly87 I think it works!! 52 minutes of drying!

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Reply to @jaidenkhalil 1h40m in lol 😆

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After several videos showing how long it takes for jeans to dry after being sprayed with water, the results showed.

“I’m really blown away. Showering in jeans actually works,” she said.

“10 out of 10 recommend showering in jeans.”

According to Aaryn, the front button was easier to do, the jeans were more comfortable to put on, and the zipper just slipped up.


Reply to @dynamitedreamer89 RESULTS #showerinyourjeans

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But hey if you’re not convinced, Aaryn made TWO results videos to further cement the magic of this hack.


Reply to @aaryn.mj I still love these results! 💋#showerinyourjeans #hackclothing

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Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to take a shower fully dressed before my roommates come home.

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