Titanfall 2 could be compromised by hackers


Reports claim that Titanfall 2 has been compromised on a large scale, but these reports have yet to be confirmed by Respawn Entertainment.

Users claim that Fall of the Titans 2 has been compromised by hackers, putting gamers’ consoles and PCs at risk from exploits and malicious code. While there has been no official confirmation of this, the franchise does have a history with pirates. In July, Apex Legends has been hacked by players who used battle royale to spread a worried message about the fate of the first Fall of the titans game, which they said was riddled with hackers.

The disturbing state of the Fall of the titans The franchise has been attributed at least in part to its developer, Respawn Interactive. In 2019, the company released Apex Legends a free battle royale that has seen tremendous success through its use of distinct heroes as seen in other popular multiplayer shooter games like Monitoring. Like Apex Legends became more popular, Respawn spent more and more time and resources on it, and as a result, less effort was put into Fall of the titans and its sequel. In fact, shortly after the above Apex Legends hack, Respawn Community Director Jason Garza revealed that Fall of the titans only has one or two people working there.


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Of course, this does not mean that the Fall of the titans franchise is gone, or that this hack wouldn’t be incredibly dangerous if it were true. As reported by DoubleShockers, a warning about the hack appeared in a Discord chat before it was finally sent by the Twitter account Fall of the Titans Forever. The allegations made in the warning are serious; gamers are urged not only to refrain from playing the game, but to uninstall it entirely, lest hackers use the admin panel to gain access to the system where the game is played. There does not appear to be a source for this warning, but Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that it is aware of the reports and is currently investigating. While awaiting the results of this investigation, many fans view the reports as little more than a hoax.

It’s easy to dismiss the claims made by this Discord warning, but the multiplayer games in the industry remain vulnerable to hackers nonetheless. the Call of Duty the franchise, for example, is so overrun with hackers that Activision is launching a new form of anti-cheat software to War zone and the next one Avant-garde. Time will tell if this new technology will help remedy War zoneprolific cheating problem, which has regularly caused waves of bans targeting thousands of accounts at once. While the security vulnerability allegedly affecting Fall of the Titans 2 is a bit more serious than aimbots and invincibility hacks, both speak of a pervasive problem in the online gaming community.

It remains to be seen what will happen to Respawn’s investigation and the fate of the community that still benefits. Fall of the Titans 2 five years after its initial release. While it doesn’t seem like the highest priority at Respawn, the game is still alive, and earlier this year Fall of the Titans 2 broke their own concurrent player record after a very successful free weekend. Players who joined the game during this time probably don’t want the game shut down by hackers, whether they are scam or not.

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Fall of the Titans 2 is now available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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