Valkyrie Rush Codes – Free Rubies, Sky Pieces and Fairies (March 2022)


If you need Valkyrie Rush codes, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will shed light on everything you need to know about codes, the redemption process, and everything important. And since you’ve probably searched the internet from far and wide, but never come across any suitable Valkyrie Rush codes, let’s start by stating the obvious.

Valkyrie Rush Active Codes

There are no active codes at the moment, but there are some cool events that grant you tons of Rubies, Sky Pieces, and Fairies. Check them:

  • Event Screenshot Rewards: For all participants: Ruby x500, For 10 lucky participants: Shiny Tier 10 Fairy x2 (deadline March 24)

Do Valkyrie Rush codes exist?

The simple answer to this not so simple question would be no, there are no codes for the game at the moment. This may be subject to change in the future, but until then it’s a firm no.

Valkyrie Rush doesn’t even have the ability to redeem the codes currently (not even an official link), so it would be impossible to redeem them anyway. You might have noticed some websites with various hacks and such, but we highly recommend that you don’t risk your account by trying any of them.

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These hacks are not the same as redemption codes, and they usually result in your account being suspended or worse, allowing some sort of malware into your device. This is never a good idea as you probably have sensitive information stored on your cell phone, so we strongly advise you to avoid anything with the word “hack” in it.

So what are the other options for getting more goodies? Let’s check them!

How to get more fairies in Valkyrie Rush?

Fairies range from level 1 to level 10, and two fairies of the same level can be fused (1+1) to create one of higher level. Merging two level 10 fairies will result in a Valkyrie, which can be of Legendary, Epic, or Rare rarity. These will be the main damage and leveling characters you use and level up in the game, so getting more fairies is essential.

To add more fairies to your collection, all you have to do is complete as many missions as possible, open your crystals whenever you have them available, and make sure to buy your daily packs with rubies . While you won’t get Shiny Fairies too often and stick to fusing simple Level 10 Fairies, you will eventually get Legendary and Epic Valkyries.

Valkyrie Rush – How to get more rubies

There are several ways to acquire more rubies, and we’ll list (almost) all of them below:

  • Complete as many missions as you can (there are tons of missions!)
  • Claim your daily allowance of 120 free rubies
  • Open the chest and you have a chance to get rubies from it
  • Try the Lucky Wheel for free (by watching an ad) and you have a chance to win rubies
  • Try to work towards completing the beginner perks rewards (you’ll get tons of rubies and even a Legendary Valkyrie)
  • Consider purchasing the Access Pass (battle pass) if you’ve decided you’re invested in the game and want an edge over casual gamers
  • Log in every day, even if it’s just to claim the daily rewards (some give Rubies)
  • Level up – you will earn some rubies

These are just a few of the many ways to get more rubies in Valkyrie Rush. You should always check in-game events and keep a close eye on Valkyrie Rush’s social media accounts, such as her Facebook Account. If in the future a code redemption option is implemented alongside the release of certain codes, we’ll be sure to let you know! Until then, you can always check this page for the latest events running in-game.


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