VEIL! Ariana Molkara and Christopher Martinez talk about comic book store culture


As Jason Mojica attested in his inaugural “Old Dogs, New Tricks” column detailing the opening of the comic book store Hi Kids Comics!, Comics aren’t just for adults anymore! With children’s and young adult graphic novels topping the charts, it’s no surprise that publishers have been trying to get a piece of the coin and strategically launching their own efforts over the past few years. As comics and other media continue to clash, it only makes sense that Veil!Nickelodeon’s latest live-action comedy series, shines a light on comic book store culture.

Set in the mall’s eponymous comic book store, Warped!, the series follows a group of four kids and the wacky antics that ensue in Nickelodeon style.

Rhythm had the chance to chat with Veil! cast members Ariana Molkarawho embodies the intelligent and avant-garde Darby and Christopher Martinezwho plays Hurley, friend and employee of the local pizzeria.

Watch our exclusive interview below!

In Veil!Snowy (Anton Starkman), the beloved head geek of a popular mall comic book store, Warped!, finds his world turned upside down when his boss hires a new employee. With the eccentric and exciting Ruby (Kate Godfrey) now on the payroll, the two form an unlikely alliance to create the world’s greatest graphic novel. Darby (Ariana Molkara), a smart, forward-thinking friend who’s always there to lend a hand, and Hurley (Christopher Martinez), an employee at a nearby pizzeria who spends her time creating brilliant culinary creations, the join in their adventures. .

Veil! is created, written and produced by Kevin Kopelow & Heath Seifert (All that good burger) with Kevin Kay (All that, Shorty Lip Sync Battle) as an executive producer. Jeny Quine (cousins ​​for life, The Thundermans) also serves as executive producer. The pilot is directed and produced by Jonathan Judge (A Loud Christmas at Home, All that, Punky Brewer). Production is overseen for Nickelodeon by Zack Olin and Shauna PhelanCo-maintainers of Nickelodeon & Awesomeness Live-Action. Bryan Schwartz is the Nickelodeon executive in charge of production for Veil!.

New episodes of Veil! airs Thursdays on Nickelodeon at 7:30 p.m. (ET/PT)


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