Wear Antique Jewelry Without Looking Dated With These Tips


We all love beautiful antiques and many women prefer antique and vintage jewelry to accessorize their look and who can blame them? There are aspects of wearing antique jewelry that you should be aware of, which we highlight in this article.

Victorian earrings

Not all antique or vintage jewelry makes you look dated; indeed, a pair of ruby ​​earrings will add that pop of color to your look. You may prefer the green of emeralds, or perhaps colorless diamonds. The online antique dealer offers an extensive catalog of beautiful antique and vintage earrings from different periods. Buying antique jewelry should be considered an investment and when you contact a leading antique dealer you can be sure that all pieces are genuine.

Mix the old and the new

It is a current trend and antique gold jewelry and silver coins can also be combined. Mixing metals is all the rage these days and with a general lack of rules, you have carte blanche when it comes to your jewelry choices. This is the time to experiment with your jewelry collection, which could lead to the perfect combination of old and new.

be bold

Don’t be afraid to break the rules about wearing antique jewelry; in addition to overdoing it, you are allowed to create your own style. When preparing for an event, place your jewelry on the bed and experiment with different objects; you might surprise yourself. If you’re confident in yourself, you can wear your outfit with pride and not worry about what other people might think is actually quite liberating.

Rich color

Antique and vintage jewelry offers the opportunity to inject rich color into a monotonous look. It can be a single piece such like a ruby ​​bracelet, or maybe a pair of jade earrings, which doesn’t make you look old fashioned. Most women are actively looking to expand their collection of antique and vintage jewelry and over the years you can acquire a whole collection of colorful accessories.

Choose a single statement piece

A beautiful vintage diamond necklace would be ideal as a centerpiece. If you miss such an item, there is online vintage jewelry dealers selling. You can also find retailers near you through Google search. Once you have found the correct statement piece, a secure online payment is sufficient to have the item packed and shipped.

Match your makeup

If you’re planning on wearing ruby ​​red lipstick, why not wear a vintage ruby ​​ring? If you have a hint of violet in your eye makeup, find a suitable bracelet with violet-colored gemstones. An online antique store has a wide range of pieces and you can browse them from the comfort of your own home.

Anything moderate is a good thing to keep in mind when choosing antique or vintage jewelry to wear on a particular day. Perhaps the most important thing is to feel good about what you’re wearing. Go with your inner feeling; if one piece doesn’t work for you, try something else.


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