What are NBA 2K Mobile Codes? all you need to know


Many fans have called NBA 2K23 the best version of the game in years.

2K Sports reintroduced the “Jordan Challenges” after more than a decade and the MyNBA eras in the game are an incredible time capsule for sports historians. Moreover, MyPlayer Builder offers many new badges, replays and versions in the latest edition of the game.

One of the most important features of NBA 2K is NBA 2K Mobile Codes. These will help you redeem multiple rewards in MyTeam, including Unique Cards and Energy Refills.

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What are NBA 2K mobile codes?

Michael Jordan on the cover of NBA 2K23: Michael Jordan Edition
Michael Jordan on the cover of NBA 2K23: Michael Jordan Edition

Players can play NBA 2K’s MyTeam mode on their mobile devices by collecting cards like in NBA 2K23.

Other game modes such as MyCareer and MyLeague are not available as they are heavy and too graphically demanding for a mobile device. However, fans can still feel and act like a General Manager and build a team on MyTeam.

NBA 2K mobile codes are like “locker codes” in NBA 2K23 console versions. You have to enter a text or a numeric code that will give you free rewards.

For example, the code “BILLRUSSELL” gave users the Bill Russell card and “DAMETIME” gave users a Damian Lillard card. Another interesting code was “CURRYFAM”, which offered players an Emerald Dell Curry card, a Ruby Stephen Curry card and a Gold Seth Curry card.

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These premium cards, energy refills and packs would otherwise cost the player virtual currency or real money. So be sure to grab and use the NBA 2K mobile code as soon as it’s live.

Unlike “locker codes” in NBA 2K23, mobile codes don’t have a “first come, first served” rule. This means that anyone can redeem these codes as long as you do so before the expiration date.

How to redeem NBA 2K Mobile codes?

Redeeming these codes is very easy in the mobile app. After opening the game, click on the “Redeem” option as soon as the game is launched, then enter the code in the pop-up window. Rewards are redeemed immediately after code entry.

Note that you must enter the code exactly as it is and not add spaces between numbers or words.

The last code was “TACOTUESDAY”, which gave players a LeBron James card and two energy recharges. This code expired on August 22 and no new code is available as of today (September 19).

Keep an eye out for new codes on NBA 2K Mobile social media platforms, especially Twitter.

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